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Why the Toyota Land Cruiser is Disappearing from America

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Cold Iron
On 11/8/2019 at 6:00 PM, Curt said:

I bought a new Land Cruiser, the 60 series in 1986.  Back then they were a far cry from the yuppie luxury rig they are today.  6 cylinders, floor mounted 4 speed stick, manual hubs, spartan interior.  When locked into four wheel drive it could go just about anywhere.  It was a cool vehicle, built like a tank but the highway ride was really stiff and the gas mileage was around 12 mpg.  Of course gas was cheap back then so it didn't matter much.  I wish now I had hung on to it.


Many feel the 80 series was the most off road capable of the wagons. But compared to the 50's and 60's they were HUGE! Wider. Longer. And heavier. The 60's were a lot nicer than the 50's in the comfort department but provided the same unstoppable off road abilities. The best of all, at least in my opinion. 


Bought a 77 FJ55 in the late 70's with ~12K on it when was stationed in the Puget Sound region of Wa. State with part of my first reenlistment bonus. Drove that thing all over the PNW and was young and invincible. Well the 55 was invincible anyhow. Still like white wagon wheels with red pinstripes.




Headliner fell out eventually and replaced it with baby chit brown shag carpeting and cement. It worked. Also had a mattress in the back most of the times for camping, and well other things. Guys called it the shag rig. Females tended to call it the beast. Rough riding and hard to steer. Crude. But damn it went anywhere and everywhere.


Ended up down in Alameda, Ca. for a short time and took the USS Coral Sea around the world in 83. @bigjohnsd was staff on board for the Pacific leg. Flew back to get it and my worldly possessions- guns, reloading equipment, camping gear, etc. and drove it to the Tidewater, Va. area in less than 4 days. Mid 80's ended up getting stationed back "home" on recruiting duty and had Potter, Tioga and Bradford Counties for a few years. Ended up marrying a girl from Bradford County. First thing that went was the Beast. Sold it to a Sr. Chief Seabee that was getting transferred to Alaska.


24 years later she ended up leaving my sons and I to go find herself. Don't really miss her. But I sure as hell miss my Iron Pig.

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Crazy Setter

Always been a big fan of the Older Land Cruisers. In 2013 I was looking at the new ones. Very nice vehicles but too nice and could not justify all that nice and posh for a vehicle I was going to be hunting out of. 

I ended up getting a new FJ Cruiser. Much better choice for what I wanted to do with the vehicle and could not be happier. This will be the vehicle I will not ever get rid of. I could sell mine now for dang near what I paid for it 6 yers ago. 

If Toyota wants to increase sales of the Land Cruiser they need to strip it down some IMHO. Nice vehicles though. 



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Interesting video... but IMO, not correct.


I was displaying several vehicles at our booth at SEMA last week. Among them were a nicely done 1978 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 and one of our fleet - a 1993 70 Series inline 6 cylinder diesel in immaculate condition. A group from Toyota USA stopped by to visit and I asked about the future of the Landcruiser in the US market. I was told that they will introduce a new Landcruiser to the US market next year. They showed me photos of the new vehicle and I was impressed.


I am a huge fan of the Landcruiser since 1972... I have owned and driven extensively a 1972 FJ40, a 1987 FJ60, a 1996 FZJ80, a 2001 US version TLC, and about two years ago added a 1993 HZJ73 imported from Japan - a Japanese domestic market vehicle. All of these vehicles are tremendously capable. The later versions are also excellent over-the-road vehicles. Most Landcruisers sold in the USA are now sold wearing the Lexus badge - but they are Landcruisers none the less.

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