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Tim Frazier

First handgun deer

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5 hours ago, Birdcountry70 said:

The only time I've fired my 44mag without ear protection was at the one deer I got with it. Having never worn earplugs for hunting I really wasn't worried about one shot. I found out how much of a mistake that was the second I pulled the trigger. Now I have the valved earplugs. I don't like wearing them while hunting but they fix the problem without spending hundreds on electronic in ear protection. I still don't wear anything when rifle hunting.  It makes a big difference if you are out in the open compared to the thick woods I've noticed.


I expected ringing but pleasantly surprised not to get it. Was in a tree shooting downward for one, in a slight ground depression shooting mostly level using drawn-in knees to stabilize for another and on one knee using a crossed-stick rest in the open for the third.  As a kid I shot clays in a line with other hunters for practice, maybe 2 boxes of shells, and my left ear rang the rest of the day. Been using hearing protection since except for hunting which doubtless adds some damage each year. Covered firing lines make me want plugs and muffs together.


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Congratulations man!  Awesome

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