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WI Outdoor Nut

Have a Yamaha 660 belt drive.  While I wouldn't say I abuse it, I do treat it like a tank.  Foodplots, dragging deer or logs, plowing, you name it. The only time I ever had an issue, was when I hit a scoured out hole from a tractor that was deep enough to make the ATV float.  The ATV was in water about 15 minutes.  I was able to get out by using the tires as paddles, and onto dry land.  Drop the plug for the belt and water came out.  Did a little bit of slipping at that time, but nothing bad.  Otherwise it has been 16 trouble free years. 


I have used power steering in ATV/UTV's.  There are two times I think they are valuable.  Plowing snow and doing foodplots.  If that is what you think you will use it for, I would warrant it.  But otherwise just one more thing to break. 

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