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Tim Frazier

Old vehicles as a "value"

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charlo slim

Pretty certain that I have watched the millionth (total) mile click on a string of Suburbans, 1972 beast to the current 2004 baby.  None purchased with much under 100k miles, with reliable performance and no major repair bills by 200k + miles.  Few fuel pumps, axle seals, , u joints, an alternator, a carb rebuild, brakes, shocks, etc.    Paid $9k for the '04 last spring, including a couple of repairs identified in pre-purchase inspection.  That was probably over "book" but I was delighted to find one so clean, well maintained, and straight for that money.  What are new 'burbs going for these days??  Don't tell me!


No car payments, liability insurance only, permanent license plates, etc, etc.   Happy geezer tightwad!

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I’ll be putting this to the test soon, I got this 1997 ZJ from a gentleman, 144k miles and would start but not stay running.  I like the 5.2L, shifter for the transfer case vs a button, and solid axles.  Did a little diagnosing and got it running, fixed some other issues, got the AC working,  and I’ll try driving it as my primary ride.  Will make a nice grouse rig once setup with kennels, and I’m thinking of ways to sleep in it for hunting trips.  I’ll also be working on some basic cosmetic maintenance to spiff it up a bit

I’ve had a couple brand new vehicles and frankly I’m tired of the expense and kind of like old rides




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I'm gonna give it a whirl, too. $3,600 and a mountain of maintenance records. Pictures from the ad. 



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