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Hunting and the economy

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I guess I'm just glad I acquired most of my stuff before the meltdown.  So far this season I've hunted in my home state of NJ as well as Vermont and New  York - both about 300 miles away - and it looks like we'll be having Christmas in Iowa, 1000 miles away.  

The money's tight but this is what I do.  I just wish I had more of that other invaluable currency, time.

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“When money gets tight, something has to go,” he said. “Hunting is a luxury.”

Say what? I don't buy that for a minute.

I sort of see it the same as 'Scratch. Other than replacing my favorite boots I have enough good equipment to last me for a long time. Finding time to get out and hunt as much as I'd like is my biggest challenge.

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double trigger

Stowe Samco, owner of Absolutely Pheasants hunting lodge in Tripp County, S.D., which labels itself the “Pheasant Hunting Capital of the World,” said his reservations are up 13 percent from last year.

It costs about $400 daily to hunt pheasants at Samco’s place. He believes the sagging economy may deter hunters who are less affluent.

“I think the people that are hurt by the economy right now, the people that won’t be coming, are probably going to be your $75- to $200-a-day guys. It’s tougher for them,” Samco says.

Agree with the excellent comments made by other posters here.

Regarding the $400 day cost to hunt pheasants, that is absurd.  Is the point to live in the lap of luxury, gourmet meals, etc. on a hunting trip, or just get out and hunt?  Personally I enjoy getting away from the trappings of modern life for awhile.

I have paid a daily fee to hunt quality land, but nowhere near this amount.  Just got back from my annual trip to ND and did not pay to hunt any land this year. I did a little more up-front work this year to get permission to hunt some private land and also hunted PLOTS (walk-in land).  This was one way of reducing the costs of the trip, and still shot plenty of birds.  We also brought our own food for breakfast and lunches and just ate dinner out - that saves money too.

Not going hunting is NOT an option for me!   :D

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