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Brad Eden

The Upland Journal Discussion Community stays afloat primarily due to the voluntary Donation structure. Once a Donation is made you are placed in the Contributing Member Group with extra Privileges. (If unsure of Member Group look on your Profile or under your Avatar area on Posts. You will see either Member Group or 2021 CONTRIBUTING MEMBER) 


The extra Perks outside of the warm fuzzy feeling from supporting the UJ Community:


This Board has very advanced photo Uploading capabilities. Contributing Members can browse and place, or drag and drop, multiple photos to post in Replies, from their computers, tablets and smart phones. This eliminates the need and hassle of a third party Photohost. *All uploaded Photos have meta tags removed so photos cannot to be traced back to origin. Each Contributing Member has 100mb's of storage space for uploads and the max size for uploaded images is 7mb. An auto resizing function is enabled so large photos will load at a web friendly size. Contributing Members can manage their uploads to stay within max storage limit. The Contributing Member Group also has unlimited editing time for posts, posting privileges on the Swap & Trade Forum, Upland Artisans and generally more flexibility throughout the Board. New Contributing Members get a UJ Grouse or Woodcock decal, and those are available to Contributing Members upon request.


A minimum donation of $25 or above places a Member in the Contributing Member Group with enhanced privileges for 1 year. *Donation amounts above the minimum are ultimately determined by the individual Member and the value they place on UJ.


Full info on the Contributing Member Group here: Member Groups/Donations/Privileges


If any Member wishes to donate and be added to the Contributing Member Group I've added a Link to the Donation Page and address for checks below:


Donation Page



Brad Eden, PO Box 172, Frankfort, ME 04438




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