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  2. Zkight89

    Stupid crossbow question

    This was it for me. I prefer to hunt on the ground off a dove stool or just sitting by a tree. Crossbows make this much more do-able.
  3. Zkight89

    Shotgun shell loops

    Depends on the situation for me. I like to use the ones in my Orvis strap vest to separate shells. Usually the bigger shot is in the loops. For instance, when dove hunting, 7 1/2 loose in the pockets and 6's in the loops. If I were planning on shooting a lot quickly say at Dove field or clay course I'd just dump em. For waterfowl, I have a shell holder/ hand warmer with a dozen or so loops I use. May wear the Orvis vest in early season this year though.
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  5. Huntschool

    General Grabber Tires

    Thats the real ticket. 17' rims with and 11" tread at 33" tall. Give em hell...... They are a bitch to find...
  6. RookieEP

    Fargo North Dakota?

    Go! New experiences call
  7. They’ve got the ND numbers on the PodCast…
  8. DAG

    Tom Beckbe Tensaw Jacket

    To each, his own
  9. No swabbing or cleaning is the caveat
  10. Sure. You bring your off the shelf gun and I'll bring my CVA with no customs and we'll see who shoots a tighter group.
  11. Real muzzleloaders use real powder - which is black. Always. Just like the old days. I
  12. Are we talking "real powder" as in FFG black powder or smokeless muzzleloaders?
  13. Remember, the South Dakota Dept of Tourism is a National Sponsor of Pheasants Forever. https://www.pheasantsforever.org/Newsroom/2019-October/South-Dakota-Department-of-Tourism-and-The-Pheasant-Capital”-Support-Pheasants-Forever-Through-2022.aspx
  14. I'd be glad to put that to a test in a match, if you want. 1000 yds at Oak Ridge in a month perhaps?
  15. I do that too, and there's zero chance you can keep up with BH 209 and current bullets. Zero
  16. On the other hand, if you aren't using paper patched bullets and real powder, just as they did 123 yrs go, you are definitely missing out on everything,including performance and range! Just sayin'...
  17. If you use Blackhorn 209 you don't have to worry about ease of reloading. Both Barnes and Hornady use MMP sabots but it might be a HPH 12 or HPH 24 depending on the load. The Barnes TEZ bullets use a MMP HPH 24, just colored in blue. For those who still use pellets and Powerbelt bullets, you're really missing out on what muzzleloaders are capable of.
  18. I love it. Have the watch. This will be my first hunting season with it.
  19. Wes Stueber

    McCartney documentary….

    Where is this McCartney documentary available to view? I would like to see it if possible. This is the first I ever heard of it. Thanks! Brittman
  20. airmedic1

    Shotgun shell loops

    I use them inside the vest pocket to hold specific shells.
  21. VizslavsBird

    What kind of person hates Stevie Nicks?

    Hope you enjoy the LB concert. Lindsey has incredible talent as a composer, guitar player and producer. I just can't take his screaming a song.
  22. So I took my 16 mo Griffon to Michigan looking for some birds. While he did hunt (more exposure than hunt) last year, I am counting this as his first real hunt year. He had 3 solid points on WC in which I flushed and shot 2. However, over the course of the couple of mornings that we hunted he also busted a grouse and another 1/2 dozen WC. On a few of the birds, I was able to watch him working a bird (trailing?) only to have the bird flush 10-20 feet in front of him. That would have been fine if I still had a lab….is this a hole (s) in my training (more launcher work) or is stopping/pointing fr
  23. ScottGrush

    Shotgun shell loops

    Nope, never.
  24. Skybuster

    Shotgun shell loops

    Mostly drop a handfull in the left side pocket of my vest. I do have a nice leather shell holder with 6 loops that slides on my belt when I carry my 20ga O/U.
  25. Not using the watch and i'm in much smaller areas than most of you guys but i love it. The best feature is it doesn't have the typical overdone poorly thought out Garmin interface.
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