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  2. Sadly it is red flag time in Tennessee for one guy. No matter what the provocation may have been...SelbyLowndes
  3. rudyc

    Spring Snow Goose Guide Recommendations

    Don't have anyone to recommend, but-- I have a buddy that has been on 3 Spring Snow Goose hunts with 3 different outfitters. 1 in Nebraska, 1 in MO and 1 in SD. Same results with all three. All were 3 day hunts and 1 day out of three were good shooting, 2 days were a bust. He told me that his experiences were similar to those of others he hunted with. It's not always like the video shows.
  4. Hub

    Missing 411: The Hunted

    I personally don't even get turned around, I just do what I call "Exploring". I remember one time in college when I explored a swamp until about 4 hours after dark. My roomates were all so interested they met me at my truck to see how it had gone.
  5. WI Outdoor Nut

    Missing 411: The Hunted

    Never been what I would call "really lost", but have been close a few times. Probably the worst was when we were "done hunting" for the day and we had our gear packed up. Well, that was before 2 grouse crossed the road. So we grabbed our guns and one dog and went on a chase. Sure enough, more birds flew, so we continued down into the woods. Before we knew it, dark had set on us. No flashlight, compass, GPS or any idea which way the road was. About 45 minutes walking in the dark, we came across a 2 track road, and had to decide which way to take it. There were 3 of us and took a vote.
  6. redwing

    All Weather Crocs...

    Years ago, when they were first fashionable, my daughters and their friends told me that Crocs were the safest form of contraception. Don"t go near any one wearing em.! Wearing socks with them(or any sandel for that matter, was even worse).Needless to say, I succumbed to the dark side and got myself some ,comfy ,functional ,light, tick all the boxes.Fortunately for them, crocs weren't around when I got married🤣
  7. WI Outdoor Nut

    All Weather Crocs...

    While not crocs, the concept is about the same. My daughter wore her Birkenstock's in the truck on the way to the stand. She forgot to pack her boots. Being the mean father I am, and forcing my kids to have life lessons, I said if we go back for her boots, we are not going hunting, or hunt in your sandals. She opted to hunt. By the end of the hunt she said her feet were pretty cold, and walking back in the heavy due grass I am sure wasn't fun, but I am hoping she learned a lesson. And it does show the versatility of this type of foot ware. I do recall we had an eventful hunt seeing 10 d
  8. UplandVirginia

    Covey Culture?

    In my limited experience, I think it has quite a bit to do with the cover they’re in and time of day. The few coveys I had multiple contacts with this year acted completely different at varying times of day, and in different cover. The jumpy ones all popcorn flushed to some extent, and were all in cutover around structure during the afternoon. I wish I had more bird contacts to be more confident in my hunch, but then again don’t we all?
  9. I n Texas, and many other states, it is illegal to release gamebirds without identfying bands and a private hunting preserve permit. Game wardens generally ignore covey house birds used for training purposes but may cite you if it appears you are releasing birds without a permit and not at tempting to recall them. If you have live quail, it is always a good idea to be able to show you hatched the birds yourself or have a recelpt showing purchase from a legit breeder.
  10. The trained duck dog who won't go out to the bathroom in the rain and instead opts to have an accident in the house . . . grrr
  11. Brdhntr47

    Florida Surf Fishing

    Looks like the Bluefish have moved south but these guys were around.
  12. terc

    Missing 411: The Hunted

    You're not lost until after 3:00
  13. spring

    Covey Culture?

    Quail are very territorial. From my experience, you can pretty much count on a covey staying in a favorite old spot year after year as long as the habitat and resources remain intact. I keep a list of coveys on my place that I've named on my phone; it also is a good measure of progress as the list gets longer. Each year, as I find birds in the same old spots, I make a notation. Some years a covey might be missing in action, but often the next year they're back. Of course a great thrill is each time you get to add a new covey to your list. As habitat is improved, you hope to get to do t
  14. GLS

    All Weather Crocs...

    I wear Crocs as bedroom slippers and for all purposes since discovering the arch support they afford have prevented plantar faciitis flare-ups. I occasionally wear lace-up shoes from San Antonio Shoes, but rarely since the pandemic. I read somewhere that the holes in the tops allow ones dignity and remaining fashion self-respect to escape. I was turkey hunting in a remote river swamp two seasons ago where I met a young man on a trail who did several years as a professional hunter in Africa. He was wearing Crocs. Gil PS: Once the rough surface on the soles wears down, don't be tem
  15. bobman

    Missing 411: The Hunted

    I spent the night walking around the woods with my best friend during a blizzard while on one of my bow hunting escapades in northern wisconsin went from no snow on the ground to mid thigh but we were in our twenties and bullet proof finnaly saw a light in the distance which turned out to be a daily farmer milking he told us he would give us a ride to our vehicle when we got there he confessed he thought we were lying about where we started from, it was over 10 miles as the crow flies from his farm I bought my first compass that day
  16. or their families.....and that just might be the basis of this entire altercation .
  17. D. Case


    Interesting thread. Reminds me I have to tie some hellgrammite flies for next summer. Great patterns even in waters they don't occur.
  18. mister grouse

    Southern App Ghost Chasin' 2020/2021

    Cooter thanks for posting this . Monty is to be commended for the work. Appears to be very informative , for the area it covers. As it turns out there are many southern grouse habitats . and I would submit the diets change dramatically for all the reasons I mentioned in a post a few days ago. We could spend a few years discussing it. A notable point at the outset is that the statement that S W Va (Lee/Scott counties ) is the "southernmost of the Appalachians " has me puzzled. There is a massive amount of ruff grouse (former ?) habitat in the Apps in Eastern Tenn/KY , sou
  19. Today
  20. Jack L

    BWCA Permits

    Reservations started thus AM 9CST. I don’t believe the border to Canada will be open by June when we go on our fishing trip so I booked another BWCA canoe trip. I’m going in solo out of EP 14 for 9 days on May 14. Anyone else planning a BWCA trip this year ?
  21. SelbyLowndes


    I make it a point to watch both these shows. The Meateater guy as well. All this locavore stuff makes a good impression on the antis...SelbyLowndes
  22. EllieGSP

    Final rise strap vest

    Chilly - I think you will be extremely happy with the Final Rise and Matt is great to work with about any concerns, fitment questions and/or other things. Been running one all this season; from all-day mountain hunts, sage/chukars, prairie grouse and finally wrapping up with truck hunts for pheasants/quail. I ran a bladder in the vest for the early season all-day hunts and then down sizes to just 1 to 2 1-liter bottle for the truck hunts and it adapted extremely well. I usually do not like velcro as well, but its just enough to keep the pocket flap secure and down but not too
  23. Wirehair

    All Weather Crocs...

    Now this is just plain silly. Why would you not use bread bags so your feet don't get wet......?
  24. Mike Connally

    The Mythical Woodcock

    You should still have a few. Here in northern Virginia I found plenty of them 2 days ago.
  25. mccuha

    Spring Snow Goose Guide Recommendations

    Ive always wanted to give it a try. I'll be watching this. Ive always read that they are a little easier to decoy during conservation season when the begin to reverse migrate.
  26. Mike Connally

    Covey Culture?

    There had been one covey we called the gate covey. It was always within 100 yards of a road gate. 3 years we were able to find it there. The last year I located it 148 from the truck but still only 100 yards from the gate. Always held for a point. Last year we located it 1/3 mile away and wild and nervous as can be. They will not allow a dog within 40 yards and blow out as soon as they detect us. This year we have only located one single. I assume they are blowing out or scattering way before we get there.
  27. Don't mess with old people!...SelbyLowndes
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