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how has the economy affected you?

how has the economy affected you?  

  1. 1. how has the economy affected you?

    • working overtime
      working overtime
    • working full time
      working overtime
    • working part time
      working overtime
    • laid off
      working overtime
    • retired
      working overtime

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Tim Frazier

Decided to become a Nurse back in the 80s and it has paid off.  Little over a year ago went to work for the VA to get credit for my 7 years active duty time in the Army and work in a small clinic helping guys I would help for free, so I'm lucky.  I was vested in the State retirement system when I stopped flying so my retirement plans are still intact.  My TSP account is still in the G fund so it's OK.

My wife has never worked full time, just subs at the school now and then, so we're not use to being "loaded" anyway.  Kids are doing great in school and we're all healthy.

I would encourage anyone who can take advantage of their current situation to go into any medical field.  Even poor folks get sick and someone has to pick up the bill.


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