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My wife needs a mini-van.


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My wife has an AWD GMC Safari van.  When I woulkd show up out in the field hunting, my buddies would call kid around and say, "Here comes Clark Griswold and his family truckster".  Nice guys.

One thing we found, we dont like the AWD.  If you have to replace ONE tire you have to replace them ALL!!!  If there is different wear on the tires or tread design it messes up the transmission and drive train!!!  I would NOT get an AWD again.

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The CON thread is in Brad's vault.  The BEST ever in my opinion.  Matt was at his finest when he made that case.


Where is my rum when I need it.

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Well, at least it won't be your vehicle.

Don't know much, as I wouldn't be caught dead owning one, but I would stay away from the U.S. Dept of Chyrsler vehicles. They have terrible transmissions. I drive my wife's grandfather in his Chrysler every once and a while, no trans issues yet, but had a major clunk in the front end a la universal joint. Low miles still. My uncle had a trans go in Caravan under warranty but if the company doesn't exist?

I'd spring for the used import.


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Looky what I found.

An unlocked Mini-Van Thread. Oh the possibilities.

Whoa!!  TV you are genius.  Seems like yesterday that Scratch was treated the same as Brad's goat...

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Breakfast Boy



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It was funny re-reading that first post again.   Since then my posting ability seems to have degenerated into smart-alecky one liners and we found our mini-van....over three years ago. (a used 04 Town & Country Limited that's been back and forth to Iowa close to a half dozen times).

Nostalgia for the days B.C. (before children) when my attention span was long enough to write in full sentences and devote time to posting well thought out ideas....even if they were about MVs.

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I will admit to having a mini van in the family for the last 17 years.  We have family in KY we visit several times a year, raised two kids, and am in the middle of raising two more.  I have several close family members that have owned most of the other models and I know their experiences.  This is my take on a used one.  THERE IS NO BETTER VALUE FOR THE $ THAN THE USED CHRYSLERS.  I originally bought a 91 model new and we kept it 14 years and 225k.  I admit it was in the shop at least 4 times for tranny rebuilds (2 under warranty) and once for a new crank.  Several other times for nagging little things.  It never stranded us, even with the tranny it had a limp home mode.  But it was bad enough that I decided I would go with a Jap van next time.  In late 04 I started shopping around for a good late model used one.  What I found was that the Chryslers lost so much of their value compared to an Odyssey for example, I still could not justify the extra $ for the Odyssey.  So I bought an low mileage 03 Grand Caravan off lease vehicle from a good Chrysler dealer that still had factory warranty.  The cost at a dealer was far below what a comparable used Odyssey was, even off ebay or private seller.  Knock on wood, it now has 140k and has been flawless.

The other US makers have been playing catch up to Chrysler since the 80s in terms of fit and feel.  The Jap ones are great as usual but only I would only consider if buying new because of higher resale.  But the best bang for the buck is a late model Chrysler.  They seem to have fixed their well earned reputation for tranny problems, and that lingering reputation is keeping their used vehicle values low.

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Ha, ha, ha, went back through reading some of this, Fred Lauer has some posts in it.

So TV, what you gonna do with this new playground? Got it all plotted out? None of those PC playground **** please, we want merry-go-rounds, monkey bars, teeter-totters, all the good stuff. Cover it with good old gravel too, I always enjoyed picking it out of knees and elbows.

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