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My wife needs a mini-van.


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Since then my posting ability seems to have degenerated into smart-alecky one liners

I was unaware that this is a quantifiable skill.  How does John rate from his initial posts?

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If you do need a Chrysler tranny rebuilt, take it to a dealer.  Contrary to my initial belief, the one I used was $800 vs $1300 for the cheapest, "transmmission specialist".  It seems they know they have problems with earlier transmissions and have somewhat of an assembly line set up.  Probably all a few guys do.
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At last something I know a little bit about!!  I have four kids under 12 and 2 (almost 3) dogs.  I have owned Ford Windstars, Ford Freestars and currently own a Pontiac Montana.  I hate the Montana.  It feels cheap and has been less than reliable.  The wife liked the looks of it and I caved and actually let her pick the monstrocity.  Even she regrets it now.  If I were buying one tomorrow it would be the Freestar or a Dodge Grand Caravan.  We've rented the Caravan's on vacation and really like the features, ride and room.  

The most important thing you should look for is room behind the third seat.  Make sure it has enough space for your kennel, groceries, lawn chairs, what have you.

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