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My wife needs a mini-van.


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Get a pick-up with one of those fiberglass bed lids and toss a cheap matress in there. No baby sitter needed and my little brat stays in there for hours in the driveway. She calls it her coffen. Just remember to get silver or white.

You're a funny mofo GG.  

Rookie, you're just dead.

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Call me un-American, but I've never drawn my identity from the vehicles I own or drive.  Then again, I've never owned a mini-van. . .

And isn't it sizzle sizzle these days instead of snip snip?


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Oh wait...I am suprised we have not heard this one...

Tell her if she wants a van to get up off the couch and get a job.

then when she shoots you in the but with that garden gun, you and the vermin can band together and retake the attic for shelter.


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Betsy likes the Odysseys but they might be out of our range - even used.  We're a one income family for the indefinite future in a state where the cost of living is off the charts.  So if I were to look at a domestic, what are the best choices?


The problem isn't the minivan.  Hell's Bells you're a manly man, and any one who says you aren't will loose the seat of thier pants to Ginger.  You're problem is NJ.  I was in Perry Iowa last weekend and on my way to the local coffee shop I stopped to scan the realator listings.  Of the two dozen postings only one was over $200K, and three were over $100K.  Birds and trucks!  Tou could do your job anywhere you can plug in a 'puter and phone dude!

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Utah Pointerman
Briar we had a Pontiac Transport/Montana, was a nice ride, lots of nice features, good fuel milage and easy to drive around town.
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FWIW, I have a '98 Dodge Caravan that has 135,000 miles on it and it has been extremely reliable. I believe we bought it in 2000. It had about 26,000 miles on it when we bought it.
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Alright, alright.... what are the best choices?

Uplander. No, not your percocious little buddy from Massachusetts but the one from Chevrolet. I'm intrigued by the ground clearance and AWD.

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I didn't read the replies, fearing an afront to my manhood, however, my daughter and her husband have a Ford Winstar and although it's a nice vehicle, they've had nothing but problems with it. Serious problems! I don't know if these are problem vehicles in general, but they sure got a lemon!
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Dear Jeff -

A mini-van? Hey, if any guy can pull it off, it is you. Just keep in mind that Ginger may refuse to get in Betsy's new ride unless you spread turkey gravy on the carpet.

But before the Combs family rides off into the sunset, let me make one alternate suggestion: a used Subaru, either a Forrester or a wagon.

They're kinda like you: tough, reliable, smooth driving, ready to scramble and surprisingly big inside.

They do better on crash and rollover tests than most vans, get as good -- and generally better -- mileage than vans, come standard w/ AWD and fit an amazing amount of stuff.

Hauling yardsale stuff the van certainly wins.

Hauling your daughter the van loses.

Go with a winner, my friend.

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Give it up Kevin.  When Scratch broke the news to us in Maine, Brad and I tried everything under the sun to convince him that there were other, more suitable, vehicles to fill his needs than a dreaded minivan.  Ridicule, logic; nothing worked.  He had a rebuttal for all of them.

It was enough to make one wonder if he wasn’t indeed actively looking forward to getting behind the wheel of one of those arks!  “My wife needs” indeed….


Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.

**Sir John Lubbock**

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Shaun -

OK, I'll shut up. At least until he drives up in it....

FWIW, that other Jersey sportsman, Gene Hill, owned a van so he could fit ALL of his outdoor stuff in it -- just in case.

But of course Hill's other ride was a Mercedes.

Gives Jeff something to shoot for.


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