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My wife needs a mini-van.


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I have a friend who is selling a 1965 Sportsman100. It has a 225 SUPERslant for the mileage factor thoug it needs a 273, but it wouldn't take much to blast the body, and paint it maybe.....candy wine with white to burnt orange "pearl" flames. Get an old school pair of chromed Hooker (with must-have "I love my hooker" sticker) headers with attached side pipes. Cut in a couple of bubble windows. Get a set of Cragar S/S wheels with three bar knock-offs. Chromed luggage rack on top. Inside you could have the whole thing done in diamond stitched black leather with the lift up seat that holds the mattress. megawatt tunage and if it were me I'd go with the retro "mind-blower" tube speakers from the late '70s. I think I'd opt for a door handle shave and I'd tint the windows "so dark they won't even know your name". The choice is up to you...because vans come in two classes.......... look out vanarama...or vanboree...or vanstock or wherever the hell those guys went and hung out.

Can you tell we've already considered buying this particular van?

  :blues:   ...Scotsman

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Hey Scratch some of those Mini Vans have removable seats, this could be of benefit for you, if you know what I mean. No need to wake up little Clara just pitch a tent in the van in the drive way!

Drive Safe!

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Your post had me stiches   :D

What about one of those VW vans.  Put some flowers on the side, peace signs, rainbow stickers..  :oops:

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What about one of those VW vans.  Put some flowers on the side, peace signs, rainbow stickers..  :oops:

When I was younger, one of my buddies had an old 1970s VW van, affectionately known as “the bus.”  What a wreck….  Heater didn’t work, so he bolted an old cast-iron woodstove to the floor, cut a hole in the roof for the stovepipe, and stoked the fire in the winter when driving around.  Things were chugging along hunky-dory until a local gendarme noticed the gouts of woodsmoke pouring from the stovepipe one afternoon as we passed by….


Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.

**Sir John Lubbock**

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*shopping for wool clogs.

Hey - if we're talking "Birkenstocks and woolen socks" then you really should be looking at a Volvo wagon.

And I thought you were so UPstanding.

The woodsmoke was passed through the catalytic converter. Presto - clean exhaust.

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The new Scratchmobile: Agile, mobile and hostile!

See it now!

mZ4588938568QQrdZ1QQtcZphoto" target="_blank">http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymot....cZphoto

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Can you get a Lava Lamp to work on a 12 volt system?

I don't know but that idea is cool enough to warrant extensive research.   :cool:   ...Scotsman


yep its called and inverter, and you can one that will your lava lamp, home stereo loud enough that you can feel inagodadvita as your super hooka bubbles away and spins the disco ball.


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Forgot about the wizard mural. I remember a show van in the late 70's that had a forest of giant psychedelic mushrooms on the side. Being from the muscle car crowd I never could figure the van crowd out, but I always enjoyed the presentation...Scotsman
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Three reasons to choose a Subaru over a mini-van:

* Easier to squeeze into tight parking space when attending a WNBA game

* Melissa Etheridge and the Indigo Girls CD sound better in smaller, more confined places.

* 4WD will come in handy in driving over the beach after seeing Ellen DeGeneres' stand-up routine in Provincetown.

Good choice, Matt.

Not many mini-vans in the parking lot at Lilith Fair, I suspect.

The Subaru would be quite an upgrade for Scratchy.

HIs current X-Terra is only number seven on the list,  Subaru pulled in the one and two spots.

Car Talk's list

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Used Honda Element -- has carrying capacity, OK mileage, functional, safe, reliable, and almost fits into the minivan category.  They are Spartan, but comfortable.


Scratch. We just bought a used Honda Van. Great vehicle and would highly recommend it.

Also I take offense to comment about losing your manhood. I have been driving a minivan (not by choice, company car) for years and feel very manly in it :cool:  Especially when I am checking out girls and they see the car seats in the back :D  That always gets the ladies excited, a married man with three car seats in his mini van. Oh yeah, that really gets em... :)  :D  :laugh:

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