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favorite fish to eat

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1. cold-smoked King (Chinook) salmon. (note: if you eat fresh (not smoked) salmon every day for a couple of months, eventually lighter salmon like silvers (Coho) start to appeal more and more).

2. Torsk--cod boiled and served with butter.

3. Fish fry with fresh bluegill (though come to think of it I've never been inclined to turn down crappie or catfish).

4. Trout, salt, pepper, four mix, butter, hot fry pan. Fresh trout will curl up in the pan.

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Walleye, bluegil and pike.

I noticed no one selected pike. I wonder if that is because of the "Y" bones, which can be fillet out?

BTW- eating sharpies today!-Too Dogs

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Freshwater..... Its a tie between blueglll and yellow perch.

Saltwater..... Blackened redfish followed by maui, grouper or flounder.

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Oily fish: bluefish; salmon, mackeral, smelt....  and any manner of brim, perch, crappie -- from a clean lake

#1 is fresh bluefish -- on the beach over driftwood fire.

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browndog stole mine -- fluke and snapper blues, on a rack over a driftwood fire 5 minutes after they hit the sand...

Blackfish (you may call 'em tautog) baked in a dutch oven with a little salt, pepper and paprika.

Like freshwater fish, too, but I grew up on an island -- we ate what we caught.

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frugal pointer

Flounder is one of my favs, fish all morning to catch a mess and Mom would fry them for supper....mmmmmm!  Tautog is a great fish too, fun to catch and tasty to eat.

When they were legal to keep a schoolie striper wrapped in bacon cooked in the grill, now that was a tasty treat.  

For freshwater yellow perch or brookies, whichever one I had in my hand at the time.  FP

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Alaskan halibut caught that day.

It's the "caught today" part that's key.

That, and being killed and put on ice right away.

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Pike is really good, I'd forgotten that because yeah, I'll generally throw them back rather than clean them.

That and the fact that I adore predators.

But another really good one is a small barracuda. Grilled and then a little butter drizzled over it. Hard to beat.

And, I bet I haven't eaten any sucker since I was 16 years old but it was pretty good. Used to be a spring a staple for a couple of meals, we'd catch them in the creek when they come up from the big river to spawn.

But bluegill's still better.

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Any kind of panfish, catfish, or large mouth Bass caught in a cold water creek in South Georgia.  Bluegill, shell cracker, bream, mudcat, channel cat, Bass filets usually are cooked at a Southern fish fry.  Served with hushpuppies or light bread, cheese grits, sweet tea, and maybe a taste of hard likker out back after the eatin'.
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I'm spoiled, it needs to be caught by me.

Salt: Albacore then yellowfin then dolphin

Fresh: Cast iron skillet fried in salt pork, brookies, streamside.

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