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Your first car.

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1947 Ford coupe.  Paid $100 plus $3 sales tax for it.  Completely rebuilt the flathead engine as it had a loose rod in it after 100,000 miles.  Probably the most reliable car I have ever owned and would go just about anywhere.  Really wish I had it and my '63 split window Corvette coupe and my 71 VW Ghia back.  Sigh.
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$300 1961 VW Beetle - in Germany when I was in the Army.  

It was a broken down POS but there was a mechanic on every street corner who knew how to fix it and "cheap Charlies" (the real name) junkyard in Heilbronn had every part you'd ever need - cheap.

I had one hell of a lot of fun in that old car - even got laid in it several times - positions could be quite interesting in that small car.  Definite proof that where there's a will there's a way.  It was definitely the most "fun" car I've ever owned.

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grousehunter 61

First  1936 chevy sedan

2nd   1937 chevy coup

3rd    1937 chevy coup the second

4th    1939 chevy coup

5th    1951 ford convertable, midnight blue

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'69 Bug--I had a friend who owned a bug shop in Fitzburg, MA put a re-built bus engine in it and got it all painted nice.

It was cool because I could put down the new super beetles.

Yup--heat was bad and water liked to come in through those vents and freeze on the floor in winter, but it was mine and I could get around.

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'56 Ford...blue....three snow tires...padding bubbled off the dashboard...my dad said he got it for a case of beer (hope it wasn't good beer.)

My high school girlfriend's father wouldn't let me park in the driveway because it leaked oil bad...ended up putting real heavy oil in it (maybe 50 wt).

Anyway it died before I went off to college.  Remember going to the gas station and asking for a dollar's worth of gas (18-25 cents a gallon then).

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