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You are kidding ? I never knew that,of course I was

there most of the time. The Filmore was an ex Ballroom

that was located over a carpet store. In front of the stage

was the dance floor/wood floor. A balcony circled the

dance floor and they had a ring of sofas,which was my

favorite spot. They also had a great Health Food Rest

in another room. Munchies you know......

I can't believe the cops never busted that place. You

better have loved the aroma of weed because it was

you might say a little thick. This was before the No

smoking laws,lol.

I can't possibly remember all the great groups I saw

there and yes I remember the Ginsburg reading, I

didn't go. I am pretty sure that was a special 1 nite

gig and not his regular thur,fri,and sat concerts.

Finally I think/guess the Filmore could hold maybe

2,000 people including the rest.

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Gary, wow! You have lived a charmed life! Like deer hunting, you were in the right place at the right time!  We had some good bands that would stop at LaCrosse (WI) but we were just another mid America quicky.
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Yes,I was VERY VERY lucky. This thread has brought

back a flood of memories for me. Thanks Briar.

The more I write the more I can remember.

Alvin Lee and 10yrs After. Eric Burton,Poco,Procal Harem,

Traffic,Cream,10Wheel Drive,Kinks,Chamber Bros,Miles

Davis,Cold Blood,The Band,Deep Purple,Earth,Wind and

Fire,The Dead of course,Crosby,Stills,and Nash,before

Young,all at the Filmore........

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Gary, I have almost wore out the double album by CSNY "Four Way Street" which was recorded live at the Fillmore. Now I know some of those hoots in the background were from you!


oops, I reread and see you said "before Young."

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