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3 Favorite Concerts?

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How about telling everyone about your 3 Fav Concerts

you attended ? Any type of music.

I stop going to RR concerts when the groups started

playing mainly in stadiums after Woodstock because IMO

it became totally about the $$ because how can you

really appreciate the music in a stadium with 50,000

screaming people. So my list is mostly from the 70s.

1.Frank Zappa-I saw him everytime he came to town.

For music that was always new and a stage show beyond

compare. I saw him at least 10times mostly at the

Filmore and he never played the same song twice and he

was always changing band members.

2.CTA,aka Chicago-right after they changed their name

to Chicago and the release of Chicago 2 I saw them at

the Santa Clara Fair Grounds. They were so tight and the

first RR band to succcessfully use a horn section in my

memory. Terry Kath also was a master with the wah-wah


3.Jefferson Airplane-I think 1970. They just returned to

SF from a national tour playing their new album Surrealistic

Pillow. My first concert at the Filmore. The place was so

crowded you could barely breath. When Gracie Slick

walked onto the stage to the tune of White Rabbit I

thought the floor was going to cave in.

Honorable Mention :~))

4.BB and Albert King at the Filmore. It was the days

when BB could really play the guitar and sing the BLUES.

Dueling with Albert.

5.The Last Days of Filmore West- BG brought back all

the local groups he helped make famous. I only got to

go to1 of the concerts. The nite I went we saw/heard

Santana,Tower of Power,Cold Blood,Boz Scaggs,Elvin

Bishop,and probably a few more. The Filmore was more

the best concert venue I ever attended. It was like

losing a good friend when it closed.

6.Crusaders-1980-Hollywood Bowl with Noel Pointer,

a jazz violinest as warm up. Another perfect place to

attend a concert to listen and appreciate music.

7.Al Jarreau-Hollywood Bowl-wonderful,wonderful

8.Fourplay-small jazz club in Orange County,their first

concert since returning home from a tour playing their

2nd album. I thought they would play the normal 60-90

set,but Bob James said they were so glad to be home

they played for over 3hours. What a jam that was....

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I am envious. Kebo, you suck!

The worst concert; our university Winter Carnival Committee was too spaced out and too disorganized to book any good acts in 1968. The only band that could show up was "? and the Mysterians", a Detroit neighbourhood band. They were HORRIBLE. "96 Tears" indeed!

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Back in the late 80s, a friend got some tickets to see Bob Dylan at Great Woods (now the tweeter center, or something else). Told me they were good seats. We got there, and kept crossing checkpoints until we were sitting in the second row. His mother actually got them by calling the ticketmaster phone line when they went on sale. Unbelievable. The concert was nothing special, though. Very hard/electric. I believe GE Smith (of SNL band "fame") was the guitarist. Much better was a Dylan concert under a big tent at Endicott College a few years later. Really fun, and you could tell Bob was actually having fun, too.

Dinorsaur Jr at the Roxy in Boston was really good. My Bloody Valentine opening. (One song contained about 16 minutes of static/feedback. Literally.)

In 1990 I saw Merl Saunders and the Rainforest Band in the American Music Hall (I think that was the name of the place) in San Fran. Lots of unannounced special guests. That was really good.

Before they were famous: Martin Sexton at the Me and Thee coffeehouse in Marblehead in 1995 was quite good. And Ray Lamontaigne played to me and about 35 other people a couple of years ago at the Center for Cultural Exchange in Portland, ME, about a month before Trouble was released. That won't happen again . . .

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The New Cristy Minstrels at... no, wait...

1) U2 @ Red Rocks 1983 (They recorded part of the Under A Blood Red Sky music and video at this concert)

2) Grateful Dead @ Teluride, CO 1987 - enough said.

3) Monsters of Rock (Scorps, Van Halen, Metallica,etc) Denver 1988. This was the last show on the tour and the bands were nearly as hammered as we were. The final part when all the bands tried to play something together was totally unintelligible... but it was awesome anyway!

** honorable mention U2 @ McNichols(Denver) 1987 -(part of the Rattle & Hum movie was filmed here. Was also the day of the Enniskillen bombing and the melancholy version of Sunday Bloody Sunday made the hair on the back of your neck stand up).

*** honorable mention II. Maynard Ferguson at some high school in Colorado Springs (Palmer I think) around 1986/87ish...

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Concerts might be a little like girlfriends.  The first one is the most memorable.  That would have been Jethro Tull in 1970 (?).  Followed by:

2) Springsteen from the second row in the pit.

3)  The Stones in a club.  1977 (?)

4)  A CSN & Y outdoors as the headline of a 3 act show. 1973 (?).

5) A four band bill that headlined the real Lynard Skinner and included Yes.

6)  The Who.  In a terrible arena with terrible sound and the loudest show I've ever heard.  But Kieth Moon was incredible.

Those were all "event" concerts.  The list of performers that I try not to miss if they are coming through the area include the likes of John Prine, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle...

The biggest misses?  Hendrix, The Doors and Zepplin.


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Brad Adrian
Have never been to an actual concert, but the closest was Kansas on the hanger bay of the USS John F Kennedy in either 86 or 87. Steven Stills was supposed to be there, but I think he had to go in for a new liver that week.
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Pink Floyd  1988

Talkeetna Bluegrass Festival 1993

Drive-by Truckers 2007

Other notables were the Dead and Rush but my top 3 left indelible marks on my consciousness.

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When I saw Pink Floyd,BG adveritsed it as an Evening With

Pink Floyd and he held it on a wed nite at the Fillmore.

Yes,I deifintely remember that concert.


When you saw/heard Jethro Tull did Ian Anderson play

the whole gig on 1 leg ?? :~))

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Lucinda Williams (many times, always great), Willie Nelson (many times, always great), Allman Brothers Band (many  times, always great).  Keith Urban was really good, Robert Earl Keen was really good, Fred Eaglesmith was really good.  In fact, for those that haven't heard his stuff, check out Fred Eaglesmith...amazing!
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Bob Seger 1970 at Portland (Me.) Expo.

Jethro Tull 1971 Portland (Me.) Expo.

Arlo Guthrie 1974 Paramount theatre, Portland Or.

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Benelli Banger, I'm on a Robert Earle roll right now. Also a big Lucinda fan.
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When you saw/heard Jethro Tull did Ian Anderson play

the whole gig on 1 leg ?? :~))

I don't remember!  I do remember he came out wearing flippers, a mask and a snorkel!

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 I do remember he came out wearing flippers, a mask and a snorkel!

Those were the "Aqualung" days.

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