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Fantasy Football League

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16 teams? It is gonna be pretty short on available talent.

Crapperface, you need a Yahoo email ID and then you just have to set up your team. Giz can send you a link. Drafts are automatic. I have made it to the championship game two years in a row by really doing nothing at all - we have Sunday hunting here. You should join so we can have a token Canadian.........

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Kevin check your PM that gives us 16 teams when you sign in.'

I am going to set it for 2 divisions this year the top 4 teams from each division play in the end. Kind of a AFC - NFC deal :D

Aside from playoffs and scheduling, this choice will not impact any aspect of game play

Division winners advance and are assigned top seeds: The winners of each division will advance to the playoffs as the top seeds and the overall top division winner will be the #1 seed. All other playoff teams will be determined by overall standings regardless of division results.

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