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What are you listening to now?


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Chris Knight's Heart of stone in the car at the monent but saw 2 really good old school punk bands in the pub Saturday night (had one or two too many in the process) so I'll probably be digging out some to listen to this week.
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I grew up on Sabbath.  And they are why I like bands like Sleep, Kyuss and The Sword.  

Heavy, dark, sludgy, stoney.  Good ****.

its back on again.....electric Funeral!

Looks like God Smack is on deck


Rob Zombie is in the hole

with nonpoint batting clean up!

oh yea Hellyeah Alcohauliln is after that!

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Chris Raymond
Regular radio drives me nuts up here.  Only 70's and 80's music ever seems to be played...get over it already!  The two channels on Sirius that get the most of my attention are Octane-21 and the 40's-4.
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