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What are you listening to now?


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I'm listening to a bunch of department chairpersons whine because they didn't get around to making their requests in May and now they think I should have unlimited staff who can jump through hoops and make their request my highest priority. I've been told that I'm the ass for saying, "I'm sorry but...".
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Lately I've been stuck on 2 musical comedy albums:

Jon Lajoie...E=MC...

The Lonely Island...Incredibad. I'm on a boat *%^$!!(&$ don't you ever forget!

Still though, one year later, The Airborne Toxic Event's debut album gets played in it's entirety once a week.

Scratch, if you haven't yet...Do so.

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Dead Kennedys.

Today only.

*$&^, beat me to it. But it won't be just today, this'll be bigger than the pope, and just wait until the cardina... congress convenes. This is big, really, really, big.

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yeah, it's great stuff.  A friend borrowed me the CD.  It's Norman and Nancy Blake actually.  Love the traditional stuff...
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Bare Naked Ladies - underrated musicians who manage to put a smile on my face.  

I also like the playing for change songs - some amazing artists doing some great songs for a good cause.  I'm trying to see if I can find some of the New Orleans artists on their street corners - but no luck yet.  I think they've become too famous to busk any more - which is a good thing overall.

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