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What are you listening to now?


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Have not listened to it yet but this new release has been added to my Xmas gift wish list.....


From what I hear it should be a killer seller in the comedy genre.....

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I listen to many types of music, but my all time favorite is traditional Irish music.  I love the sounds of Dervish, Lunasa, Paul Brady, Niham Parsons, The Chieftans, Tommy Makem, Maura O, Mary Black, Davey Spillane, Barry Kerr, Joni Madden, Kate Rusby, and anything sung by Sinead in Gaelic.

The list of truly great Irish musicians goes on and on.  I often listen to it while making decoys as it keeps me connected with the sea.


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Classical music. Stenstrom got me into it on our deer hunt. Very relaxing.

Like what.  I need suggestions.

I don't know any of these new fangled bands.  Only been to one concert; Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  My fave.  Til Tuesday opened. Loved it.





Psychedelic Furs

New Radicals


Dire Straits

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Rodrigo Y Gabriela - this is some great stuff!  It's 75% flamenco, but they are into some metal stuff as well as classical/flamenco.  There are some awesome songs on this album:


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This damned HVAC vent right above my head!!!!!  Who the hell puts a fan this loud in a library, and every twenty feet apart!?!?!?!

In my truck, George Jones.  God, I love him.

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