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why buy the cow

drummer's stump

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Have you considered renting versus owning? There is a strong financial argument to consider.

For instance:


wow those legs are killer.

That is all.

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Did all of you marry the wrong woman or something?

We all live with our decisions.

Did anyone ever teach you there are consequences for your actions?  Well evidently there are…………..hence Clint planning on moving into the kennel……….

What Tim fails to tell you is that Kathi actually encourages him to get the heck out of the house.

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Clint, all my married buddies tell me it's a great thing to do, while reeling off the littany of reasons they arent allowed to go off bird hunting/fishing/training/shooting with me....... there's a reason it's called geting"hitched"  Have fun, I'll send you pictures of the the places I'm going 2010..... I'll even call and rub your nose in it. :p  :p

Yeah marriage really affects my upland wanderings.  :p

I love my wife, without her in my life it would be a mere shell of what it is today.

Find the right woman for a life partner, love her hard, and hang on tight.

It doesn't get any better.

Dude, is she looking over your shoulder???? or are you gonna get the grouse commander to forward it to her FB account, so you don't have to do the dishes tonight?

The Grouse Commander is in Kansas while his better, sexier half is at home six months pregnant and paying his bills.

I think he has this marriage hunting equation about figured out.  :D

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It took me over 38 years before I bought my first cow. I milked my share of Jersey's, and even a Heifer or two, but it took me 38 years of my life to finally put Ole' Betsy in the barn for good. This happened three months ago and despite knowing that we'll never celebrate a 50th Anniversary (I'm not planning on living until I'm 88 years old) I still think it's wise to not marry until you find your perfect match.

Settle on a truck that isn't perfect, settle on a house that isn't perfect and even settle on a dog that isn't perfect but women, religion and patriotism should never be compromised.

There's plenty of cows in the sea....er, plenty of fish in the pasture....um, plenty of....yeah.

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There is nothing wrong with Marriage.  I bought a cow once then it start giving bad milk.  I should have sent it to the meat packing plant but instead it was released back into the wild where some other sucker bought the same cow with the sour milk.  

The moral of this story is that if you buy a cow make sure that the milk you will get stay sweet for as long as you have the cow for once it goes sour it take forever to get the taste out of your mouth.

FYI Paula and I share a manger it is better this way :D

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Overheard in a very crowded bar during that magic moment when everybody shuts up at once and the guy has his back to his wife, "SO WHY BUY MILK WHEN YOU HAVE A COW AT HOME?  Oh.    ****."

It was pin droppy quiet as they left until we heard the bar door close - then the roof lifted off with laughter for about 5 minutes straight.

Still talked about by some.

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Maybe some of us are sucky husbands. Just sayin.

and moderators...... just sayin

That hurt Tim. :down:

Dont try calling me and apologizing, You are dead to me.

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My guess, and its just a guess, is that guys that bitch and moan about their wives couldn't tie their own shoes without them. Just sayin.
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