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Cant Lose Woodcock Recipe

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12 hours ago, 1971snipe said:

This question probably belongs in another, more appropriate, thread, but - how long is too long for a woodcock to age/hang in the fridge before picking or skinning?  Would you consider birds that have aged a week in the fridge ok?  Two weeks?  I know a guy that aged snipe for 3 weeks.  

Depending on how cool the weather I usually hang woodcock outside for 3-4 days or put in the fridge whole and unplucked for the same amount of time. More out of laziness than purposeful aging. I wouldn’t feel comfortable aging them any longer than that. I dont gut then either and have never had any issues.






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Prepared the recipe tonite with three woodcock. Wife says to cook it again! Luckily three more in the freezer! 

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