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Walking Away

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Cooter Brown

Used to paddle whitewater (C-1) over 100 days per year.  Had a hell of a lot of fun and met my best friends in that sport--a couple of whom transitioned to bird hunting like me.

At some point the adrenline runs out and some people you know drown and a voice in your head that wasn't there before starts to say "you could die here".

It got to a point where I wasn't having fun on the hard stuff and was becoming tentative, and that's when you get hurt.

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 Am having a nice bike being made by Kent Eriksen.  Am starting to ride again.

That will be a sweet ride.

What are the specs?

29"er hard tail.  I like hard tails for my type of riding, have a full suspended bike in garage that is nice but i don't enjoy riding.  Having him build to my taste, maybe heavy for some tastes, but i love phil wood hubs, and am having him use my old thumb shifters with new xtr stuff :D

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.  But am now 300 pounds and 16%, no longer going to do any heavy work.

and I though tedder was the only lazy, phat phuck on the board (well xcept for mooney)....... you probably have to hunt behind verstile dogs, just to keep up.......... :<img src=:'>  :<img src=:'>

300lbs?  Amateur.

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Golf - I lived on the course in high school. Cut class to play. Loved it, now hate it. It's just dumb.

Rugby - I played in high school, college and in Chicago. Played across the country, in England and Oz and even with a few folks that ended up with the Eagles. Screwed up a shoulder, struggled for a bit and eventually decided to hang up the boots. It's great. I hope my kids consider playing.

Cycling - After blowing up my shoulder in college and not playing rugby I took up road cycling racing. That's awesome. Went to a little college with a pretty famous race, so I'm sure that had something to do with it. Did triathlons and some racing in Chicago, but decided the taxi cabs had too much of an advantage. If I wasn't addicted to the dogs and birds, that's what I'd do again.

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i guess i am a diffferent breed.   nobody has mentioned my passion i gave up.   surfing.   i would load up my surf board on my schwinn beach cruiser and ride  10 miles round trip to huntington beach starting when i was 12 years old until i could drive.  then i went for a session at 6 am before school started when i was driving.  2-3 days a week
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