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Trucks vs. Suv's

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As for going off road, pickups are the least desirable for that but, around here anyway, the number of people who drive their trucks off road to hunt are few and far between.

I think that's a large part of it.  I like my jeep because it's an incomparable trail rig.  I like to go on narrow trails and roadless places a crew cab diesel wouldn't even get close to.  As Phred said, everything's a compromise.

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and City boys have toppers on them.

Ouch that smarted!

                                                                 Spin :down:

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GMC Sierra, crew cab, long bed, 2500, diesel.

Have had Suburbans for years. With four kiddoes and an active family they were indispensable for hauling kids, friends, skis, backpacks, canoes, you name it.

However, the pickup truck wins.  Why?  Crew cab lets me haul five folks or four folks & a dog or two folks and a couple of dogs up front.  Plenty of room in the bed for anything.  4wd gets me anywhere. Diesel gets better mileage than gas.  Diesel has plenty of torque for getting unstuck.  Have pulled both of my Suburbans out of ditches & snow banks in VT when the kids negotiated turns a little too quickly for conditions.

SUV is great, but for hauling, hunting and over the road gas mileage I prefer my truck.  Also, a lot easier to throw a deer in the back of a pickup than into the back of an SUV.  Plus Made-in-USA

I just wish that they offered a 1500 in diesel, as well as standard transmission. (But the Duramax/Allsion combo is pretty good.)  IMO US car manufacturers are really missing the boat in not providing good alternatives in diesel, good alternatives with a standard transmission, or good alternatives with both.  Can't beat a six speed diesel transmission for gas mileage or control in all driving conditions.

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