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Got my census

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All you grouse wheenies ought to love the census.  Think of all the logging that had to take place to make all that paper.  If those b@sturds start using recycled paper the grouse are screwed!
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I got my pre-census heads up letter today. Big whoop.
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I got mine and they are thanking me in advance for my help, now thats funny. Plus I can't read all the fine print in the last 5 lines it looks like chicken scratch something about 2010. :p
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Do you have a garage attached to your house? How far do you have to go to get to work?

Why, planning on building a mass transit system in northern Michigan?

The whole thing is absurd...and we spent how many billion dollars creating this debacle?

What I love is where they tell you what happens if you don't fill out it entirely...and honestly...you get a visit from a census taker that they haven't been able to hire up here because no one thinks $12 an hour is worth being attacked by a dog or having a gun stuck in their face...LOL

So the census taker doesn't find you...then, I guess, the FBI does...and you can be jailed or pay up to $5000 or both. Now, that's really gonna help the economy, isn't it?

What happened to the word free in this country...

For some reason we received our census more than a month ago...

actually the part I love is what you lightly touch here Linda.

the Constitution says we must provide an enumeration every ten years.  Cool Im fine with that.  then as you point out they say its federal law and fines etc that you answer, well you know what they cant, and in the end since the federal governemtn is questioning you, you have a right to remain silient.  So where exactly  does it say the FED can fine you for observing your rights.

From this house all they got was the #4.

the rest blank.

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ANF grousin
Brad shuffles to the shed...grabs a Master lock..........

I have my bolt cutters ready :devil:

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Breakfast Boy

Got our letter notifying us that our census is coming yesterday.  Sure glad they spent the money on paper, envelopes and postage for that.


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