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My Dad passed last evening

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Last evening my Dad passed in a peaceful manner he just went to sleep.  

He was in failing health lately and about a month ago he was taken to the hospital as he was unable to stand on his own.  After a few days there he was taken to a short term nursing home to recover.  My Dad was not doing well there for many reason and he wanted to go home.  

This past Tuesday he fell out of his bed at the home and this morning he was taken back to the hospital.  The Home did not notify any one in the family that he was transfered so this afternoon when my brother went to see him he was not there but at the hospital.

The nurses at the hospital tell me that he had a very good day and was in good spirits, my brother said he look better today then he had in weeks.  

I knew that this day was coming now for quite some time and it was hard to watch it happen.  He was always a strong man who loved the outdoors but the past years had been very hard on him.  

He was a Deer Hunter but he loved to Fish more then anything.  The first 2 deer I got he was with me a doe at 14 and a huge buck at 16.  That was the last time we hunted together but not the last time we fished.  Every deer I killed I made sure he got half the meat as he loved to eat venison.

But at the same time we were very much like the Harry Chapin song Cats in a Cradle.  My parents divorced when I was young  Dad and I drifted apart as I was growing up.  For many years we did not see each other until I came home from the Marines.  We got back together and shared a house but it was more like room mates then father son.  We still did a lot of fishing deep sea, trips to Canada and locally but something was missing from all those years apart.

Over the past 10 or so years we started to drifted apart again as our lives took us in different directions and we did not get together much. I would see him every couple of months and talk to him on the phone every few weeks.  

I last saw my father a week ago I spent a few hours with him in the home.  He was in poor spirits and wanted to get out but he was not able to take care of himself when no one was around.  I told him if he wanted to go home he needed to make a effort to get better.  When I left I told him I would see him soon but never made it back till this evening.

I cant change the past but I do regret when I last saw him I did not tell him that I loved him when I left.

Take care of your family as in the end that is what really matters in life don't wait to say the things you want as you may never get the chance.

Rest in Peace Dad I Love You

Raymond Henry Sullivan

02 Jun 1931- 25 Mar 2010

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Gary, I'm very sorry to read this.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

It was a pleasure to have met him.


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So sorry to hear about the passing of your father.  It sounds like he lived a good life.  May he rest in peace.
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Who among us would not do a few things differently if we could?  I'm sure the empty spot you feel from the years apart was magnified 100x in your dad in a deep way.  Thank you for your moving tribute to a man who clearly loved you and vice versa.  May your father rest in peace.  f

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