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My Dad passed last evening

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Your Dad knew you care just because you were there when you could be. So sorry for your loss.  sdgord
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May your dad rest in peace and you be secure he knew of your love.  You all are in my thoughts and prayers.



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So sorry to hear of your loss - you were both blessed to have each other...


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My parents and I have not said the L word to each other in 3+ decades yet I tell my 2 boys and wife I love them multiples times daily. In fact my wife tells me I KNOW YEEASH!sometimes.

Im very sorry to hear about your Dads passing.

I need to get on the L thing with my P's soon.

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Born during the depression and passed in the age of the internet. That man saw a lot of change in his day. May he rest in peace.

Condolences to you and your family.

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