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Playoff Hockey

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Way to go HABS!!!!  Thanks for giving us the Flyers I was dreading seeing Crosby and the Pens in the second round.....

Go B's

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It seems to me that hockey and winning the Stanley Cup is very, very differant from all of the other sports.

VMI, that is a very astute observation. The NHL's Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy to win of any sport. It takes 4 rounds of "best of 7" series and about 2 months of blood and guts, smash-mouth hockey to win.

Besides being the fastest and toughest game to play on the planet, one of the great allures of NHL hockey is that the players are bye and large a very decent group of young men. And still generally drug-free. (Talk about tough, did you see one of the Caps players pull out his own teeth after getting 7 others knocked out by a stick?? In baseball or NBA terms that would mean a 2 month injury time-out!)

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Yeah, I think hockey players must be born without pain receptors. If someone gave me a shot in the mouth and knocked out all of my teeth I would still be crying.

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