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Hornet Nest


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I just found out there is a spray foam canned product filled with some ubertoxic, EthylMethylDeathyl bee killer juice and I'm off to buy a few cans this morning.


 It's a war of attrition - every time I knock them back, they start a few days later in another post.  One of these years....

#*$&^, how many posts you got in that fence? Couple hundred acres fenced in?

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Let me know if Jackie needs a spare shooter - this is one area where I don't need any shooting lessons!

He gives those kind of lessons too :glare: ?

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Its a simple fix in realty. First you must build a sacrificial fire under the above offenders home. Then you must then hire a Voodoo queen that is a direct decedent of Marie Laveau to act as on Oracle and have her summon Li Grand Zombi. He shall grant you the powerful Gris Gris to be mixed in a brown beverage of you choice.

Next you must climb the ladder, you must do this a night at exactly 4:37, and charm the offenders with all of you midgetness. Once you have gained their trust they will allow you to suck them up in a shop vac. If sucking is not you thing, you can try blowing.

After the vacuum take a CO2 Fire extinguisher and hose the  holy Calderon of hell down and gently preform the sacred voodoo dance know as the Hokey Pookey on top of the ladder till the nest freezes. Then and only then you may have another sip of the magic elixir.

Now here is the hard part, you must go and find a crack head, you know one of those guys that wash your windows for a dime, you know like Timmy. Enchant the crackhead with a 40oz Of old E and some oregano(he will never know the difference.  He must do the crackhead dance 5 times in the shape of the devils sign. He must then go and steal a goat. This goat is the sacrifice to Li Grand Zombi for his help. Tie both the crackhead and  goat underneath the gates of hell and then, and only then you may poke it hard with sick. AT THAT TIME, I cannot stress this enough, get in you midget mobile and drive to you local Waffle House while singing the below song.

   St. Peter, St Peter, open the door,

   I’m callin’ you, come to me!

   St. Peter, St Peter, open the door,

   Papa Legba, open the gate for me, Ago-e

   Ativon Legba, open the gate for me;

   The gate for me, papa, so that I may enter the temple

   On my way back, I shall thank you for this favor


I don't care who you are "That's Funny".

But getting stung by a few of those little Bastid's ain't funny at all.

Put myself in the hospital in Wisconsin last October after stepping on a nest of those little ground wasps, got stung 4 or 5 times right accross the lower lip!

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Do it like a true Sportsman!

After watching a half dozen videos of idiots try to get rid of hornet nests, etc. I found this one.

Or, on second thought, you could just have Justin and his buddies take care of it.

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Problem almost solved.

I finally decided to man up and deal with these evile critters even though it involved screaming like a girl scout and jumping around my front yard like I had Palsy.

First I tried a drive by shooting, Gangsta style, with that foaming canned spray garbage.... You know,... the stuff they say shoots 25 feet......... only problem is they don't mean up 25 feet.

That shiit sucks and will leave you with your glasses covered in white foam while the hornets have their way with you.  Don't ask.

After that disaster, I hobbled out on the front porch with my wrist rocket.... more out of revenge,... but still seeking some solution.

Clearly,  Hornets have a memory.

After repeated hits in the nest, which open up more holes, I sprayed some more of the foam stuff. Having the benefit of hindsight , this time I only ended up with globs of the toxin on my head, instead of my eyes.

I am still waging a biological war.

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You better hurry PC. If its on your property and in an affluent neighborhood, you are asking for a lawsuit if someone gets stung.
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