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2011 UJ Fly Swap Sign-Up

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Field Grade

I'll try to get a few photos when I get a chance. Got to set up the camera at the vise.

I tied the stone nymph. It has worked well for me pretty much throughout the season on rivers and streams that have decent amounts of stoneflies. They wax and wane several times from late spring to fall, and they're a mouthful, so trout nail them. I've had fish strike like they were taking a streamer.

Anyway, the recipe is:

Hook: TMC 5262 (or any 2XL nymph/wetfly hook) #10

Bead: Black 1/8"

Rib: Medium copper wire

Tail: 2 brown goose biots

Dubbing: Natural hare's mask with spiky guard hair mixed in

Wingcase: Two pieces of mottled turkey feathers

Thorax: 3 strands peacock herl

Legs: Ruffed grouse soft hackles from back or wing

Thread: Brown 6/0

I also use about 10 wraps of medium lead wire a little bit behind the bead to weight it more.

Cover the lead with thread wraps.

Tie in rib right before bend of hook.

Tie in biot tail.

Dub body about halfway up shank.

Wind rib and tie off.

Tie in first wingcase with notch in it.

Dub a few more wraps.

Tie in second notched wingcase, leaving enough to pull over later and create thorax.

Tie in grouse feather at tip.

Tie in Peacock herl, twist around thread and form thorax up to bead.

Gently pull grouse feather stem over thorax to create legs and tie off with couple wraps.

Pull wingcase over top and tie off with three wraps and trim.

Use a little dub right behind bead to hide thread wraps.

Whip finish and put a little head cement on wraps.

Actually, this nymph can be a pain in the a$$ to tie if you're trying to crank out a dozen.

A more simple but still effective pattern is the same basic fly minus the biot tail, wingcase and peacock thorax. (I'm not sure the fish really care, especially in spring when the water can be high and stained.)

Just strip some grouse fibers from a feather and use them for the tail, dub the body up to the bead, rib it, tie in grouse feather at tip right behind bead and take a couple wraps with feather to create softhackle style collar, tie off.

Good luck,


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would one of you post some pictures already?  How can we make fun of Clint without seeing the polish anus?

Well, I hope nobody uses these pix to make fun of Clint or anyone else.  I imagine that, except for the seasoned pros, any of us are just a wee bit anxious how our contributions are received.  Having said that, here they are...

This is how I received my shipment.  The only one not pictured is Escopeton's, which was in a compartment on the other side (way to go, photoboy).  One thing he, Wildbird, and FlyChamps did that I wish I'd have done is affix an explanatory label. (NOTE to self...)


I wanted to get a picture of them all "ready to go", but it was too windy out yesterday, and they wouldn't sit still on the bumper.  The one on the far left is an interloper, uninvited to the photo-op.  They'll go back in their box before we hit the crick, but this is the way they'll end up after I've fished them.


Ha!  That's rich.  We all know that at least half of them will never make it back to the hat, but will get hung up in a tree or on some rock.

A tighter group photo.  Go team!


Below, another group photo.  Some introductions may be in order.  Left to right, front row, FlyChamp's Wood Duck Emerger...Wildbird's Tellico Nymph...and Escopeton's BH Pheasant Tail.


Second row left to right (some gaps)...1) dunno...2) I think is jbeck's BH Pheasant Tail...3) Field Grade's Stone Nymph...4) my Parachute Adams...5) pretty sure this is the famed FPO...6) dunno...7) ?MV McDonald's Grouse & Green (because it's green, duh)?...8) lipripr's Copperhead?

I'm also very impressed with the quality of flies, and ready to have another swap.  Ain't no duds in the bunch!  Tomorrow, if all goes as planned (yeah, right), the conditions look good for field-testing these fellas, with perhaps a follow-up report.


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