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Who are you listening to?

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Dinosaur Jr. Where You Been

so damn good.

(even if J. Mascis is a wolf-howling-at-the-moon tshirt wearing weirdo.)

No doubt!

He's a weird one but his tortured vocals and that overdriven slacker guitar is like brain floss, it blows out the cobwebs and scours the cranium.  Love that band, especially with the windows down and my foot on the pedal.

The new one, Farm, is pretty good too.

Late to the party, but You're Living All Over Me is one of the great rock albums of all time.

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An interesting story about this tune. Written, obviously by Bob Dylan, sung by The Byrds with the instrumental parts performed by "The Wrecking Crew," the famous studio musicians. The Byrds came along

Evangeline from the Maritimes was slowly goin' insane...  

Posted Images

Steve Hunts

Blind Faith

Fania All Stars

Johnny Paycheck- The Real Mr. Heartache

Seu Jorge and Almaz

Dick Curless- A tombstone every mile

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Forgot two dead guys that were great, Townes Van Zandt

Gram Parsons

Neil Young

Lucinda Williams

The MotherTruckers

Blaze Foley, the duct tape king or drunken angel.

Allison Moorer

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Took a bit of a left turn this past week.

 The Best of Tommy James and the Shondells.

 The Hollies Greatest Hits

 The Salvation Army -Mind Gardens... Best Psychedelic punk EVER!

 The Three O'clock-Arrive Without Travelling... Salvation army after they were forced to change their name. I love the song... Her Heads Revlovling!

 Gun Club- Sex Beat

 Tangerine Dream- Underwater Sunlight

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Since it seems I killed this one, I'll bring it back up top.

BR5-49 - Dog Days

Dropkick Murphys - Going Out In Style

Old Blind Dogs

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I've really enjoy going to youtube to see old performances. I grew up in SE Michigan.

Bob Seger


Ted Nugent


I am a HUGE MC5 fan. Ahhhh, Wayne Kramer and Fred "Sonic" Smith. Now I'm going to have to go out to the garage and crank up The Big Bang Theory...best of the MC5. Oh yea and some more Blue Cheer.

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I love how many guys on here are into real punk/hardcore music.  You'd never guess a bunch of bird hunters would be!  I grew up outside of DC so my taste leans toward the DC hardcore scene.  Some bad brains, minor threat, jawbox, fugazi, etc is always ready to be played, along with one of my favorites, a canadian punk band called nomeansno.  They've been around forever, and are in their 50s-60s, but still tour some and tear it up as awesome as ever.  My brother in law turned me on to them.  He plays bass professionally for a band.  Not the "I play at open mike night" type, but the tours internationally, sells out nightly and has been making a nice living doing it for 20 years now.  His band recently opened for motorhead and he's always good for turning me onto different music worth checking out.

"Olaf, berserker!"

I used to have a berserker Tshirt.

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Oh yea and some more Blue Cheer.

Wow! Someone remembered "Blue Cheer". I'm impressed. Best version of Summertime Blues ever recorded.

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