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Sourdough Pancakes

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Myabe some will be interested in trying this, hope so.

Heres the link for the starter-


DON'S LONG-TIME FAVORITE:  SOURDOUGH, SOUR CREAM, BLUEBERRY PANCAKES. This fine recipe came from Mrs. Edith Smith when I lived in Pampa, Texas sometime during the mid 1970's.

Night before: remove starter from the refrigerator and either get it to room temperature or use warm water. Empty all of the starter into a large clean bowl and add: 1 - cup water, 1 1/2 - cup flour and 1 - teaspoon sugar. Mix well, cover with several folds of damp paper towel or a dish towel, to keep crust from forming, and leave overnight at room temperature. Next morning: take out 1 - cup of the replenished starter and put back in a well scalded container for refrigeration for use next time. To the rest of the starter add: 3 - tablespoons sugar, 1/2 - teaspoon salt, 1/4 - cup Wesson oil ( or such), 2 - eggs well beaten. Mix thoroughly with beater then add 1/1/2 - teaspoon baking soda. Beat thoroughly with the beater to make sure all the soda is well blended. Let sit while you fry bacon or sausage then fry the cakes/flapjacks.

Alternate: after saving 1 - cup of the starter, add 1 - egg, 2 - tablespoons Wesson Oil, 1/4 - cup dry milk (or Pet) and beat thoroughly. Then combine 1 - teaspoon salt, 1 - teaspoon soda, 2 - tablespoons sugar with a little water and blend together until smooth with no soda lumps. Add this to the above combined ingredients and mix well before frying on hot, lightly greased griddle. THIS IS THE ONE I LIKE BEST! Note: If the batter is too thick it may be thinned with milk.

Serving Instructions:  As each cake comes off of the griddle, add a spoon size glob of sour cream rather than butter... on top of the very top cake in the stack spoon on blueberries and juice then sprinkle on some powdered sugar. Will serve 2 - 4 hungry folks. Enjoy em while their hot, Mmmm. good! This recipe for flapjacks makes a cake that by my way of thinkin' seems to stay with a person longer than the Regular Sourdough Pancake below. Ya gotta decide for yourself which recipe is best for your galley.

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