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Brad Eden

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The Upland Artisans Forum is open for Contributing Members to create a "Gallery Topic". This Forum will work like any other Forum as far as starting a Topic, adding copy/info, photos and links. Participants can post and feature their drawings, paintings, photos, sculptures, books, gun stocks, engravings, etc. and add a link to their website. Personal businesses that feature or sell "art" are also acceptable-contact administrator if any question before creating a Gallery Topic.


Becoming a Contributing Member:

Member Groups/Privilige/Donations Topic


This Forum isn’t meant to be for critiquing, but to assist artisans in getting exposure, selling their work, and taking commissions. 


These Galleries can be viewed by anyone in the world who visits the UJ site/BB and these visitors/guests can contact the artisan through the contact info included in the Gallery.


Active UJ Member groups can also contact the Artisan through board PM and e-mail functions. If an Artisan only wants active members of UJ to contact them they can leave out their e-mail address and phone numbers and rely on PM's and/or make their board e-mail available through their Control Panel.


Please keep Galleries/artworks within the Sporting genre.

If any question about the suitability of a Gallery subject matter please contact the administrator before creating Gallery Topic.


Please create only one Gallery Topic with as many photos as needed. Galleries will stay on the Forum as long as the member remains a Contributing Member or until the administrator is asked to remove it.


Contributing Member have unlimited time to edit their Upland Artisans Topics.


This Forum is for featuring Contributing Members work not other peoples, spouses, friends, or associates work.


A voluntary 5-10%+-% of sold or commissioned items via Upland Journal is appreciated but not mandated.


Upland Journal makes no guarantee that any item or Gallery in this Forum is legitimate. It is the buyer’s responsibility to verify that the seller and item actually exist and that the item will be sent. Upland Journal assumes no responsibility for transactions that are arranged through this Forum

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