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Upland Sausage

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Looking at a brand new grinder, a freezer getting overfilled with birds, and some fresh herbs provided by a friend of my wife, I put two and two together. Adapted the recipe from one I found on the internet (high dollar pheasant sausage).

Mix in big bowl and stuff casings. Bake until done. I would like to try a smoker on at least some of the next batch.


Fine plate ground upland birds (freezer cleaner this time, quail and pheasant mostly, a hun, and a grouse)

Finely chopped fresh sage

Finely chopped rosemary

Sea salt

Fresh ground pepper

High fat content ground turkey (I found 25%) and olive oil (both a substitute for other animal fat, who wants pork lard in their upland sausage?)

Hazelnuts (fine enough to not clog the plates, learned the hard way)

Cognac (I used what I thought was quite abit, but will try more next time)

This makes a great sausage for breakfast or dinner recipes, like the chicken sausage I get at the grocery only much better.

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