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Goodbye Sweet Prince

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In my worst nightmare, I never dreamed I would be posting this.  Please understand that I need to share this, and don't read if sad stories bother you.

I picked up Dirk's body (My ES who was put down in November because of cancer) from the vet who had been storing it for me, and headed up to my cottage yesterday afternoon.  I purchased a few apple trees (one to plant over Dirk as a memorial).  My twenty-ish year old nephews were helping me dig the holes.

I am pretty aggressive with my training of Reef and every time we cross between my house and our barn across the street I "whoa" him.  I cross and I make him wait a few until I call him.  I do this all the time and have always done it with my dogs for years.  If he goes near the street, I yell at him and I thought he was understanding pretty well.  When I let him out of the house he never goes near the street.  There are two curves in both directions a few houses from mine and with a 25mph speed limit, cars should never get over that, but they do, of course.  Anyway, as we were digging dirk's grave he was hanging in the woods next to us and I just called him in every couple minutes. I stopped paying attention to Reef for a couple minutes and a car flew by without even braking and hit him.  I turned and ran to him as he gasped.  I cried (1st time ever in front of my nephews - think they understood) and pleaded: "no, no, no, please no" as I fell to the ground with him in my arms and cars driving by with us in the road.

The pain is so overwhelming I feel like selling my guns and climbing into a hole myself.  I feel so guilty that I let this happen to my little prince.  He was spoiled and loved in every way but I forgot him for a minute and he was taken from me.

I don't mean to be Maudlin, but this pain is ripping me apart and I have to share with people who truly understand.  



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Not even sure what to say, so very sorry to read this.  This is a tough one.
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I am so sorry to read this

I lost one a three years ago to a car, I still can't get over it.

I try to let it go but it still bothers me more than I can express.

My advice is get another pup to concentrate on thats helped me, for a long time I thought I wasn't going to get any more dogs.

I cried my eyes out when mine was hit.

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Wade I am so sorry to hear about your loss.  I am not sure what else to say... but i do feel for you.


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Sorry for your loss. Can't imagine the grief you're going through.


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