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Goodbye Sweet Prince

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Wade--if you need ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING you let me and others here know.
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man, my heart goes into my throat every time i see these thread titles.  Wade, I'm very sorry to read this.
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irish Eyes

Please do not blame yourself. S#^t happens. The pup could have run in the road a thousand times without a problem, or once with tragic results. I know how hard it is to lose a dog but you can't give up on bird dogs.

I suggest you start looking for a replacement ASAP. This might seem callous at this time but it might make the lose more acceptable. I am really sorry for you and your family.

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Scott Berg


With the incredible joy our canine friends bring to our lives comes the intense pain that results from their loss.  I will leave with this poem someone sent me when I lost one of my mine.

I will lend to you for awhile

a puppy, God said,

For you to love him while he lives

and to mourn for him when he is gone.

Maybe for twelve or fourteen years,

or maybe for two or three

But will you, till I call him back

take care of him for me?

He'll bring his charms to gladden you

and (should his stay be brief)

you'll always have his memories

as solace for your grief.

I cannot promise that he will stay,

since all from earth return,

but there are lessons taught below

I want this pup to learn.

I've looked the whole world over

in search of teachers true

And from the folk that crowd life's land

I have chosen you.

Now will you give him all your love

Nor think the lobour vain

Nor hate me when I come to take my pup back again?

I fancied that I heard them say

"Dear Lord Thy Will Be Done"

For all the joys this pup will bring,

the risk of grief you'll run.

Will you shelter him with kindness

Will you love him while you may

And for the happiness you'll know forever gratefull stay?

But should I call her back

much sooner than you've planned

Please brave the bitter grief that comes

and try to understand.

If, by your love, you've managed

my wishes to achieve,

In memory of her that you've loved,

cherish every moment with your faithful bundle,

and know he loved you too.

Author Unknown

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North Dakota Hntr

No words here either but my keyboard is getting wet. I'm so sorry to hear this Wade!


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Very sorry for your loss, you can't blame yourself. You will have a bigger void in your life if you quit right now. The best way to rid yourself of the terrible feelings is to have a small wiggly ball of fur with a cold nose lick your face. Appreciate what you had and do them the honour of going forward with a new pup. I have been down this road too many times, believe me.
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Wade--if you need ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING you let me and others here know.

Everybody has been so incredibly thoughtful and kind that I can't begin to express my gratitude...

Sincere thanks to all of you for the kind words, hugs, and understanding.  It is a very tearful time for me right now, as I thought little Reef was to be my consolation for losing my beloved Dirk.  I must not have the right stuff, because I can't seem to toughen up.  Being divorced and never having had any children, I think I become a little too attached to my dogs.  They are my children and Reef was exceptional.  Every day he hugged me so tight that he would moan and talk.  If I made a noise back, he would hug harder and get louder.  I never had a more affectionate pup, and I miss him terribly.  I just feel pretty empty.  However, the kindnesses expressed here means more than you can possibly know...


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Almost Heaven GSP's
I'm never any good with words for these types of things, but my heart breaks for you.
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