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Goodbye Sweet Prince

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I didn't want to read this post but had to. I am so sorry for you your loss and know how you feel. These dogs just jump into our hearts and before you know it they become part of us. The sense of loss can be devistating but somehow we go on, and sooner or later another pup show up, and crawls right back into your heart. I guess thats part of who we are. Remember all the good things, maybe that will help.
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aww man, I am sorry to hear this Wade, I wish I knew the right thing to say to lessen your pain.
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So sorry to read this, I can't imagine the pain. I wish I had something to say that would help, but I think only time and a new pup will do that.
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Please let me add my condolences as well. I feel your pain and wish there was something we could to help ease it. We are here for you and understand the feelings.
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Thanks everybody.  These kind and thoughtful posts are one of the few things that have made me feel like I could survive this intense pain...

As it happens, I had another puppy on order (wanted a brace of setters) and he was 8 weeks old on Monday.  I pick him up at the airport tomorrow (Thursday) evening.  It hurts so bad, because I can't get Reef out of my mind and I'm not sure I can feel that love for a new pup.  On the other hand, if I don't get one, I'm afraid I won't survive the anguish of loss and broken heart.  So many have recommended that a new pup is what I need, and Reef helped me tremendously when dealing with the loss of Dirk.  I am forcing myself to listen to the wisdom here and jump right back in.  

Thanks again,


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