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Robert Jordan's Wheel of TIme series. May be a bit with this.

I read that in highschool, it warms my heart that The Ron brought it up here.

High school? You kids, I swear, why that'd make you about the same age as my k..... *$%&^#

I'd read bits and pieces, but I got 'em all corralled in one place now. Love good series. It could move along a mite more quickly, but enjoying it overall.

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They (wheel of time) are definitely not for those looking for a speed read.  I didn't read all of it in Highschool, I read the first 4(?) when they were published while I was in Highschool/Freshman in College.
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A great cult classic, On the Road by Jack Kerouac. On of the best I have ever listened to on tape. We put it on headed to Montana and JK painted middle America like I never seen it. It was great! I would have loved to lived that life for about a year.



You may appreciate this.  Kerouac was from Lowell, Massachusetts.  I grew up there and although I never got into his books, I certainly appreciate his cultural impact.  

Jack Kerouac and his wife Stella's (Sampas) grave at Edson cemetery Lowell, Massachusetts (It always looks like this).


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