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Internet Scouting --Do you?

Missed Again!

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People saying they're not going to bother doing PEs anymore because of some Internet hot air is the equivalent of having a pout and taking your toys and going home.

Very disappointing, especially since PEs are the portal that allow us to see others' perspective and dream about things beyond what we know.

Rub a little tough on it people, the season has just begun and I sincerely hope to spend a lot of my desk time walking on other people's shoes.   And I don't need the details, the big picture will do just fine.

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The bird is what it should be about.

With all due respect. Huh?


Since we are hunting birds and posting PEs in the hunting forum. I have always figured the bird as the main focus. That is my opinion any ways. Of course dogs and people fit in with it, but to me itt has always centered around the bird.

It is nothing about pouting Briar, I am just tired of reading this crap and feeling I have to try and defend my reasons for doing PEs. When I have to sit and study photos to make sure I don't accidentally show a spot, it is not worth it to me.

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Give it a rest.

I think the hand wringing is overblown but I dont live out west where this seems to be the biggest issue, at least on this particular Topic. We are all big people. Post PE's or don't-up to you. But members who create hysteria and dilute and compromise the vitality of this board aren't gonna be around too much longer.

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