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2012 UJ Fly Swap

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Field Grade

#3 is a sz. 14 CDC & elk w/grouse overwing.

Hook: TMC 100

Dark dun natural CDC

Black 6/0 thread

Fine-tipped early season elk or deer

Soft hackle from grouse shoulder or back -- the 'eyed' feathers work well, tied in at the tip, just need 2-3 turns.


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Thanks for hosting!  Got mine today, I was on vac with the better half.  Mine is the sickly #4.  A March Brown soft hackle.  Everyone else's looks great! I might get to use them before the week has ended.  That rabbit strip matuka is heading to Alaska come June!

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#11 is a rabbit version of the slumpbuster.  Zonker strip tail, cactus chennile body(you could also use ice dub), and the collar is the remaining part of the tail zonker palmered up to the cone.
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I honestly don't remember the number of it, but it is a TMC size 4, 3x or 4x long.  I'm too new to this to remember what hooks I use for what flies, by number.  I can go into my box and grab one but if I had to sit and order one or tell someone which to use, I'm SOL.  Sorry.
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#2  'Ice Cream' Soft Hackle Emerger 16

Lemon duck tail

White thread body coated with holographic nail polish

Hun hackle

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