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Oryx in New Mexico

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I just got the Ultra Mag back from the smith today.  I couldn't wait so I loaded up some 200 gr accubonds with 90gr of retumbo and went out shooting.  We have a front coming in so it is pretty windy so I didn't bother trying to sight it in.  The muzzle brake works real well.  I wore foam ear plugs and muffs so the report wasn't too bad.  The recoil was totally acceptable.  

I have developed a pretty bad flinch so I'm going to be doing alot of shooting to retrain myself.


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Yes.  The way it works is they have a list of those drawn.  Each person is given a number.  Then they call you when they get to your number.  You get about three days notice prior to the hunt.  If you can't go then you go to the end of the list.  I have a pretty low number so it is almost for sure that I will get a call.  When, I don't know.  My gear is all ready and I have been working up new loads for the ultramag.


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