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What is your favorite Scotch/ whiskey


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Sorry...I was too tired/lazy to go upstairs and confirm what an article in "Whisky Advocate" Winter 2011 proclaimed in their article "Is it the Age? Or the Mileage?" where writer Dominic Roskrow explores the offerings of, (and I also misquoted the name of) the Indian whisky Amrut, Taiwan, Australia and Tasmania. The terms "scotch", and "Scotch" seem to be joining into the jargon with some irregularities...but, it seems that pretty much the term "whisky" is used just about everywhere, but America. We use the term "whiskey". So, thank you for pulling me out of the fog.

In recent years, brown liquor (whisky / whiskey...Scotch / scotch) has found a similar demographic with wine bibbers, and this has caused me to have some interest in it...but, I am only educated enough with "brown" to avoid some that I would not likely care for.

For Hunshatt...the Indian whiskey Amrut is available in better / high end stores, as it is right up there cost wise with the big boys...and this producer has gained a lot of acclaim with consumers, and the industry.

The article I quoted above seems to indicate that the true Scottish producers are in a bit of a quandry now regarding their universal proclamation that a certain minimum age is necessary for premium brew...yet, they do sell a lot of unaged, and young single malts. The following quote from the article is the push back by everyone, but the Scots:

"In short, a growing number of distillers are questioning the traditional world order and Scotland's right to set the agenda."

In closing...we have similar issues with "names" in the wine industry...

All Champagne is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is Champagne...and the producers of sparking wine in the Champagne region of France have forced accords with producers out of that region...only fizz produced in the geography of the region known as Champagne can be called Champagne. This was a big problem with some American producers back in the beginning of the American wine industry...and the French got real testy.

So...beertender, bring me another bar.


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I hate scotch, summer drink is gin and in the winter, canadian blended. When we moved from NY, I had alot of scotch bottles with just a bit in each. I poured them all together into maybe two full bottles.......kept the most expensive bottles. No one has noticed yet. It appears that my guests do not have as refined a palat as some members here.
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Lately, I've been enjoying a bit of Glenmorangie.

It has a subtle touch of sweet to my taste.

"just cover the cubes...thank you very much"

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I've been through a lot of testing and come down to this:

With few exceptions I only drink stuff from Ireland.  Not a fan of the products of our fine southern states and peat apparently gives me indigestion but I put up with that for a few choice bottles.

Standard rotation:



-Jameson (the 12, can't say I'm a fan of the 18)



After a full meal with a few glasses of wine I will go for Laphroaig but this is a rare occourance and again I've gotta have a full stomach and a nice wine buzz for this to happen.

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I've got a few malts I get into regularly:

Balvenie Doublewood

Balvenie Caribian Cask

Highland Park 18

Lagavulin 16

MacCallen 12

Ardbeg Alligator (Outstanding)

Laphroig 18

A couple others I like and drink occasionally:

Arbourler 15


Of course Yamazaki 12 & 18, and Hakushu are damned good too, though not "Scotch" but single malt barley whisky distilled in the scottish tradition.

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So many whiskies to explore and only a lifetime to enjoy them.

I guess I'll have a lot of test to do before I find the one I love... But tonight I fell in love with dalwhinnie 15 years old ..  I really love the macalland 12  but the former took me by surprise. A lot of your suggestion are on my list now..

Thanks a lot guys

Hope I would be sharing one these bottle with every one of you !!!!


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Without a doubt, my favorite scotch whiskey is Glenmorangie and a close second and third is Glenlivet French Oak Reserve and Ballantine's 12 yr. old.  Do not like the heavy, peaty stuff at all.  Tried several.  All are nasty tasting $hit to me.

As far as value is concerned the Ballantine's is the clear winner.  Yes I know it is a blend.

In Irish whiskies, I prefer Bushmills. Tried Jamison several timesand a coule of others...prefer Bushmills.

In Bourbon/Sour mash whiskies I guess I prefer  Jim Beam Black but most of them bite just about the same.  Not a huge fan.

In Canadian Whiskies If I am drinking it straight, then VO or CC.  If mixing, Fleischman's is just fine.

If it is cold outside and I need a bellywarmer...ain't nothin' like Leroux Blackberry brandy(the Polish style).  It warms ya all the way down.   Just gotta watch out for them blackberry thorns getting caught in your throat. :p  :p


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The one on the top shelf


This pic is from a couple of years ago, most of the bottles are now dead soldiers.  I have added quite of few to the collection though due to this site.

My real go to?  Nothing beats a Templeton Rye.  Matter of fact, Saturday I am meeting with my contact to get some more of the bootleg stuff.  Now THAT is the good stuff!!!!!!!!



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[but tonight I fell in love with dalwhinnie 15 years old ..  I really love the macalland 12  but the former took me by surprise. ]

That was my experience as well the first time I tried Dalwhinnie. I saw it in a bar while on vacation, gave it a try and thought, "wow, that's good". Then knowing full well that everything taste better on vacation, I bought a bottle when I got home and thought the same thing; wow.

I also agree with the comments here praising the Glenmorangie. I think their 10 year old is one of the best 10 year olds available.

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I can tell you what NOT to drink, Islay Mist.  I told my wife to come home with a bottle of scotch and she grabed this stuff that was on sale.  Good grief, it was like trying to drink burned poop tea.  I was out of booze and looking for a buzz so I even tried mixing it and ruined a glass of Coke with it.
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