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What is your favorite Scotch/ whiskey


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I like Lapphroig.

I love me some Scotch but that stuff smells and tastes like horse liniment.

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course you would.. yur a quail hunter.. which I suppose is still further up the food chain from pheasant hunters... they drink aqua velvet

Occasionally I realize just how elitist you limb chicken hunters can be, and it makes me wish I was a bourbon drinker.

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Asking me to pick my favorite Scotch whisky is like asking me to pick my favorite shotgun, gauge or child. It just not something I could do; there are so many great bottlings.

I can say that I probable drink more Highland Park from Orkney Island. They produce whiskies with a great balance of malt and peat. They are complex and rich. I've not had a bad bottling from this distillery.


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The most popular whisky in Scotland is Famous Grouse.

I like the regular stuff just fine, but the special reserve and Black Grouse is really good, too.

I've heard that some folks think its kerosene...I don't get that.

I think it was Al that had some really tasty 'smokey/peaty' stuff up in Pittsburg last year that was delicious, but I can't recall what it was. I'd like to try that again.


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Not a fan of Scotch.  However Irish or Bourbon is an entirely different story.

Favorite Bourbon:

Eagle Rare


Buffalo Trace

Favorite Irish

Preference between Jameson's or Bushmill's, it would be Bushmill's.

However, either one aged (10+ years) is very good, especially 18+.

Not a fan of Michael Collins.  


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I've been tinkering with usquebaugh and have come up a little something that I've tucked away in the basement on oak.  It took some fooling around, but I think I've got it nailed.
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