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What do you do?

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Work for the pension office for public employees in a large city. It is, without doubt, the most boring, soul-sucking, depressing job on planet earth  :down:

ha...... you should try being a male nurse... or the special needs sidekick of a Mi lawyer ....... thats some kinda sole sucking existence

I'm thinking I could have found a more soul sucking job...



Oh, wait, I did...

Well the male nurse thing was great for the fist 20 years, now the sucking noise of a desk job drowns out the helicopters!

is that yur  grampa with the hotties?

A wise man once said...


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Principle for my financial company, work with my daughter Setterchick. I spend a lot of time looking for birds so my returns are probably not as good as fuess and Henryski!


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I am a PhD candidate in Biochemistry. I study gene regulation, basically I study aspects of how cells turn genes on and off as needed.

PhD stands for permanent head damage. I love what I do but the hours and the stress of constant competition wears on you.


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Marine Electronics Technician, Company I work for provides sales and service for whole South Pacific Region. I spend a lot of my time on American registered Purse Seine Vessels fishing out of Pago Pago, American Samoa etc.
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Staff Sergeant in the US. Army.

My job in the Army is Ammunition Specialist, i'm basically a supply Sergeant but for ammo.  I'm also a babysitter for 22 Soldiers...

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