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What do you do?

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Retired Fish and Wildlife Agency bureaucrat. Acquired over 100,000 acres of land for wildlife and related recreation during my career. Yes, I do know where all the grouse are, why do you ask?

Currently a part time tour guide, full time husband and geezer dad. Seems like most of my time is spent catering to my 94 year old mother who still thinks I am nine.

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My primary job is "Fisher of men" or Ambassador for Christ.  I take that job very seriously.  So...if you died tonight, peacefully in your sleep, where do you think you'll spend eternity?  Now would be a good time to looking into it before it gets to be too late.

As I grew up I wanted to be a millionaire and own a huge ranch in South Dakota and lead folks around hunting pheasants.  I was going to hire my son, the chef, to run the kitchen and pay him a healthy salary.  That job didn't happen.

I also wanted to be a veterinarian and taxidermist - my motto would have been "either way you get your pet back"

I ended up being an IT guy at a healthcare facility.  My thoughts lately are how I would rather be retired instead of just tired.

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Financial Advisor-  If things work out, clients get to fish/hunt/golf/run dogs when they decide to quit, for the rest of their lives, with no worries.  Lately, it has been a big "IF"!

Thanks to a few folks like Fuess I'm able to do just what he describes.

To get to this point i spent 20 years in the service of my country in the US Navy.

Sold Real Estate,

Ran a REALTORs Association,

Owned my own business,

Sold said business in 2005 and retired at age 54 :D

Now I look over the shoulder of my Investment Adviser, drive a few cars around the country for a friend, Travel with my wife, Golf when I can and organize hunting trips and the Midwest UJFest.

All in all a pretty damn good life!

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Years ago sitting in a bar I struck up a converstation with a very attractive woman, and she asked what I did for a living and I said "optometrist" and she looked confused.  I then said "Eye doctor."  The light bulb went on, she said "Oh!! Professionally?"  I was like....what?  So said "Yes" and she was giddy and happy and I felt like Greybeard.  Then the music died down and I found out she thought I said "Volleyball player" instead of "Eye doctor."  I'm 5'8 on a GOOD day.  She figured out what I really did and promptly left.  I've been in counseling every since.

Ok, now that made me laugh

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Facilities Management from a computer and crackberry for a large private company. I could work anywhere as long as I have internet and cell phone reception.
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When I was 10 I had a list of things I thought it would be cool to do for a living:

1. Work on a ranch

2. be a commercial fisherman

3. Work as a logger

4. be a newspaper reporter

5. Get paid for writing stuff

6. Teach in college

7. Edit magazines

Weirdly, I ended up doing all those things. Nowadays I wish I'd have put something on the list that would have made me rich instead of coming up with a bunch of of pogue jobs.

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I'm a US federal government employee and a humble civil servant.  I've been in Cybersecurity and Intelligence for going on 15 years now.  My wife and I just bought a farm back in October of 2011, and if things go well in the next 5 years i'll be a full time farmer\stay at home dad.
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Retired broadcaster. Sold the stations five years ago and retired. Had I not found a sucker I'd still be crawling out of bed at 4:00 each morning in order to be on the air at 5:00, telling dirty jokes and playing "soft rock", whatever the hell that is. At 9:00 I'd morph into the role of General Manager. Until a couple years ago I still had an outdoor radio show on 37 stations in Pennsylvania. Only thing I still do is write a weekly outdoor column in our local newspaper.  Since my daughter got divorced my wife and I have become nearly full time parents to 4 and 10 year old girls. We have them for part of the day at least five days a week. I sorta thought that chapter in our life was over. Wait!!  We also look after my mother-in-law who's in a nursing home about a mile from us. That's about it.
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On occasion I schlep luggage for Don Steese ...  am in line to become a Greybeard understudy... also studying law over the internet on how I can become proxy heir to some UJers (not to be mentioned) beautiful guns and terrific dogs.  Am thinking about starting an apprentice Hotspotters guild.  Also aspire to go flip sticks with Rex.

After 20 in the AF and 20 as IS for small mfg co;I retired 10yrs ago and now, as the joke goes: "... I'm doing the nothing that I didn't finish yesterday.."

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