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Erik (RI) news

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I'm in Reno.  My son Erik's (RI) dissertation defense happens today.  By this afternoon, he will be a Doctor of Wildlife Management.

I couldn't be prouder!  Please join me in congratulating Erik.

Papa Ken


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Simply amazing for a guy I met who was sickly hungover at the 2006 UJ Scarborough Fair event.... :<img src=:'>


That is such an awesome achievement. Your dad proudishness must be off the charts.

I imaged that download PDF. Here it is (There was only one download).


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Hes a smart kid and a good one too ...you both have something to be proud of
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Don Steese

What a brilliant kid! Are you sure his mama wasn't having an affair with the milkman???  :D

Seriously, congrats to dad, son, and mom!!

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NC Quailhunter
Congratulations. That is an amazing accomplishment. The father be proud meter must be pegged.  Way to go Erik!
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