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I'm about 7miles inland as the crow flies given my proximity to PVD RI and right now, I've had stronger farts than the winds at my place.  That baing said I expect it to pick up.

The weather channel is going apeshite over the fact that there are 35-40mph winds from NC to Boston.....35-40 is a cakewalk and it would be great if it only tops off in the 60mph range.....

Hatteras already go about 8" of rain........yikes.

I'll take the windy side over the rainy side, the Irene flooding was enough for a while.  The Snow in WV is nutts.

Jason, Wildbird that is, will have some tales to tell about the snow and Woodcock hunting in WV. He was in Canaan Valley since Saturday and had planned to spend the week. After over 48 hours without power, he was able to push his way out through the snow in his truck and was headed to JRM's with his wife and young'un, the last he and I talked earlier this eve. He said he was pushing snow with the front end to get out to the main road and wasn't too sure at times.

Yikes.  I've spent some quality time on a bike in Davis WV and I could imagine one could go stir crazy without power and trapped with 2' of snow for a while there.....wonder if the ski resort will open early.

Good to hear people are alright threre however, some good people live in that area.

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Just it off the phone with Dave/PC. He has only gotten bars on his cell today. His family and home weathered the storm better than most in his coastal NJ community. No major damage to his house, but devastation throughout the area. He probably won't have power or Internet for a long time as the clean up commences. So, his family including dog and cats are safe, but it will be a long while before life for those on the Jersey coast returns to some semblance of normalcy. He's gonna check back with me in a few days.
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Snow Totals Mind Boggling



The precipitation from Hurricane Sandy finally started to move out of the Mountain State Wednesday and what it left behind when it comes to snowfall is record shattering.

Snowfall in the community of Nettie in Nicholas County measured at 38 inches; Davis in Tucker County 37 inches; Richwood and Canvas in Nicholas County 36 inches; Summersville 28 inches; Beckley 22 inches and 10 inches fell in Charleston.

There were other deep readings in Pocahontas, Webster, Randolph and Preston counties.

We have a friend here from Nettie. Her parents still live there. Don't know if she's gotten through to them yet. By all accounts the power grid in these counties is in tatters, gas is short or can't be pumped if you can get to it or have a generator. Nothing can move and remember we are talking narrow and mountain roads. Pray for a gradual warm up to free them without flooding. It's the heart of Appalachia, no doubt there is a lot of suffering going on, BUT, they are as tough as you get. My prayers are with all impacted by this storm.

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My prayers are with them also, and I know they can/will handle this much more so that the NYC people.
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I wonder what would have happened if Sandy had hit the area the morning of election day? No electricity, polling places closed or inaccessable.... Might have made hanging chads seem like a small matter.
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