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I am thinking about all in the path of this storm.  Hope all works out the best it can.  Final approach,,,,,the main event,,,,
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Stay safe PC.  My thoughts will be of all of you up there in the path of this thing.  Breezy (15 - 20) with short squalls here in southside VA right now.  I think we are gonna dodge most of the damage.
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PC-  I hear you.  

Our home is about 60 miles south of you.  A few brave souls have decided to stick it out.  THey have sent us pics of our home and the streets.   Full moon and high tide is not a good combo.

Be well, get to the 2nd floor!

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Stay safe guys!!!

It won't be that bad where I am. Still not looking forward to the hour plus commute in the middle of the night.

Also im on the list for emergency service so we may be heading east if the power goes out. The lineman get a kick out of harassing us inside guys until they need our help.

Well again everyone be safe. And when its all said and done be sure and thank all those that head into the teeth of these storms to repair powerlines and infrastructure.

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I am really screwed PC. I have a summer home in Ocean City NJ. where it is going to be the bullseye ( I could be beach front when this is all over) I also have rental properties in Manayunk a part of Philia that gets severe flooding when the Sckuhill river overflows. Stressful day to say the least.
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Dave, Gary, et al...

Thoughts and prayers to all of you in Sandy's path...Stay Safe!!

Been following this one

from a far...bittersweet to know my kids at the house are hunkered down safely and will miss the brunt of it while my friends to the south face the teeth of it.

Take care everyone!!


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Be safe, Dave and all others in the bullseye of this one.

We are all pulling for you.

This is one damn big storm.

We're beginning to feel some of the wind now up here, but NOTHING AT ALL like you're getting down on the water.

Thoughts and prayers,


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This damn thing looks nasty.  Best of luck to all up there!

Dave, I went back and saw your post.  I knew you were over that way but didn't realize you were that close to the coast.

Button her up tight--best of luck and I hope you escape the worst of it.

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Shutting down our local gov. here at 2.and maybe Tuesday.I filled about 12 gallons of water for the dogs.Put 12 gallons of gas for my small generator(I just put a couple hundred pounds of meat in the freezer last nite)a 30 pack,bottle of Buffalo,filled the propane tanks just in case.Wind is starting to get steady but not too much rain yet..

  Stay safe little buddy.

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Is it too late to get out?  The storm surge is going to be 12 feet in NY, more in NJ.  You sound like you are only blocks from the coast...

Not sure if PC even has net connection at this point.  Prayers for all involved.

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