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PC, Hunker down and hang on. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all who are in the path of Sandy. We in La. are prone to them so I do understand the feelings you described. God Bless!
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Lost power about a half hour ago.

And just lost to my wife in the board game of Clue.

Goin thru the who are you listening to thread now

Stay safe people

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Lost power about 9:15. Winds have really picked up here in north west NJ. We are on generator power at the hospital. Wish I was home with my wife and daughter. Prayers for all the fellow ujer's being affected by this mother.
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I say good riddance.


Even if your little buddy gets washed out to sea?

That's mean Tedder.

If it happens, I'm moving my whole extended Cuban family in with you, chickens included.

that explains it, youre one of castros sons

all kidding aside Mr. POPA stay safe, please let us know how youre doing

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Been watching it all morning here (HK) and it is UGLY.   Sending Mojo to all in the path of this nasty B1tch.
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Mike Connally
We live just west of Washington DC. We had pretty strong winds but nothing dangerous so far. Steady rain, but again, nothing torrential. My neighborhood didn't lose power but I doubt that's the case region wide. Anyway, all safe here and no damage.
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Hoping for the best for Dave and the others who have places "down the shore".  Please keep us posted.

Looks like both the wind and rain have died down quite a bit just now.

Flooding is not an issue up here on the mountain. I think I'd see The Ark going by below before we were flooded.

I have downed trees and power outages all the time here so I am are used that and set up to deal with it.  The big automatic generator system has been running most of the night.  It powers everything in the house - the only real difference being that the electricity costs more to produce than to buy from the power company.

From what I can see so far, the blizzard we had last October 29 with leaves still up in many of the trees, created far worse damage.  The lane looked like this:



We lost maybe 25 big oaks, which made for tons of great, easily accessable firewood:


I'd guess we won't get back on line for a week.  I have enough fuel for about two weeks worth of full power running.   We are always the very last people to have power restored, which is OK because there are only a half-dozen mostly self-sufficient families on our grid, but down in the suburbs there are many thousands without power.

Once it gets light, the dogs and I are going to check our long lane and the narrow, winding road up the mountain and clear any downed trees in case I or other folks who live on the road need to get out for an emergency health issue or something similar.  Once a neighbor having a heart attack was evacuated by helicopter because the road up the mountain was blocked by snow.

After that, the dogs and I will go check our trails up in the mountain.  I'm virtually certain there will be trees down across the trails in several places.  Of course, there is no hurry to clear that stuff and it's firewood on the hoof.  I can see from the house in the dark that a good-sized walnut tree broke off just above the ground and came down literally right beside my firewood piles without hitting them - pretty convenient.   :D

Good luck to all!

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We were on the fringe here in mid Maine, wind didn't start howling til close to midnight. Power popped off for a short time but came right back on. Still too dark to see if any tree limbs are on the ground. Still plenty of rain expected through Wednesday. What a relief not owning the old house with dirt cellar that takes on water, sump pump etc. This modular rentals full cellar is dry as a bone.

Any reports from our UJers who were in the direct path or on edge? Many may have no power and no Internet I guess.

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It was quite the blow in the seacoast of NH. We lost power at 7:25 PM when a tree fell across the lines on the main road. There was a loud explosion followed by two intensely bright flashes that lit up the sky.

My hunting bud is a lineman for the local utility company. Power was restored at around 10:30 PM.

Got a text that said........"Your welcome". :)

My parents live across town. They only had flickers of power outages.

A look around this morning doesn't show much local damage except it looks like it snowed leaves.

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